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Strategic Plan

USA Track & Field Mission Statement: USA Track & Field drives competitive excellence and popular engagement in our sport

Vision (What we will look like if we are successful):

  • We fully support our athletes with resources and programs
  • All our constituencies work together to support our sport's success
  • Our business model showcases our sport in innovative and lucrative ways
  • The public and the media respect and are drawn to our sport
  • Our athletes consistently outperform the competition
  • We have the resources to achieve our mission

Strategies (How will we get there?):

  • Build transparent and accountable organizational model that values all constituencies
  1.  Management models new paradigm of ethical, transparent, accountable behavior
  2.  Describe the new organizational model
  3.  Communicate with membership
  4.  Favorable recommendation - Law & Legislation Committee, Associations, Volunteer Advisory Committee
  5.  Two-thirds Vote Membership in December
  • Develop a Track & Field brand that resonates with consumers
  1.  Expand media presence by strategically targeting select platforms
  2.  Improve and expand our products
  3.  Determine, develop and disseminate our message to targeted customers
  4.  Establish sport in popular culture
  • Develop an aggressive business model that creates and exploits monetizable assets.
  1. Inventory current assets
  2.  Develop list of non-traditional opportunities (media, sponsorship, lifestyle)
  3.  Retain skills or resources to find these things
  4.  Develop event presentation plan that maximizes commercial value
  5. Start development of working model for organization/athlete relationship
  • Develop a culture and systems that maximize competitive excellence and a superior professional experience
  1.  Include all relevant constituencies in developing a High Performance Plan
  2.  Create approaches for identifying and supporting future athletic talent
  3. Establish preferred standards and systems for event operations
  4.  Clearly define and communicate athlete services as high mutual benefit
  5.  Institutionalize procedures and education to assume a drug-free sport


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