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Organizational Services Committee

Chari and At-Large Appointments (8)
Chair: Bill Roe At Large: Ken Brauman At-Large: Ginger Mulanax
At-Large: Pam Betz At-Large: Pam Fales At-Large: Herbert Nicholls
At-Large: Katherine Branch At-Large: Don Lawrence  
Sport and Other Committee Representatives (12)
Men's T&F: Tonie Campbell Women's LDR: Barbara Palma Associations: Paul Bodenshot
Women's T&F: Win Eggers Masters LDR: Ron Pate Coaches Adv (Yth/HS): H. Lefty Martin
Race Walking: Dan Pierce Masters T&F: Roslyn Katz Coaches Adv (Open/Coll): (vacant)
Men's LDR: Bill Roe Youth Athletics: Barbara Smith Officials: Linda Melzer
Active Athlete Members (8)
Sharon Day-Monroe Khadevis Robinson Will Leer
Melinda Withrow Bernard Lagat Dave McGovern
Executive Committee
Chair: Bill Roe Vice-Chair: Pam Fales Secretary: Ginger Mulanax
Chair Emeritus: Ed Koch Athlete: Sharon Day-Monroe  
Active Athlete Members
Accreditation Subcommittee (of Association Committee) Representatives
Lloyd Garcia Barbara Palma  
Annual Meeting Attendee First Timer's Orientation Subcommittee
Chair: Bill Roe Darlene Hickman Don Lawrence
Barbara Palma Athlete: (no athlete designated)  
Annual Meeting Site Selection Subcommittee
Chair: Donald Lawrence Pam Betz Ed Koch
Wayne Roberts Athlete: (no athlete designated) Athlete: (no athlete designated)
Credentials Subcommittee
Chair: Herbert Nicholls Katherine Branch Tonie Campbell
Ginger Mulanax Athlete: (no athlete designated/  
Elections Subcommittee
Chair: Pam Fales Mary Onken Dan Pierce
Barbara Smith Athlete: (no athlete designated) Athlete: (no athlete designated)
Petitions Subcommittee
Chair: Win Eggers Ed Koch Linda Melzer
Ron Pate Athlete: (no athlete designated)  
National Office Liaison    
Desiree Friedman    
Renee Washington    

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