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USATF Stretch Study

USATF has conducted a study to determine the effect of pre-run stretching on running injuries. The purpose of the study was to determine specifically if pre-run stretching of the three major leg muscle groups is beneficial for overall injury prevention or reduction.


Many studies have been conducted to understand the impact of stretching or warm-ups on the risk of injury, but with conflicting results. A broad review of "stretching" has not conclusively determined whether a pre-run static stretch protects runners from injury during their routine training.  See the Study Protocol for more information.


USATF on August 20 announced the results of the study.

The full findings of the stretch study can be viewed as a PDF document.

About the Study

Because the Stretch Study is medical research on human subjects, it was important to have it approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). It was approved by the IRB of Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD, on April 9, 2007.

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