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USATF currently requires the members of the following groups to take a USATF background screen:  National Office Staff, Board of Directors, registered coaches, certified officials, authorized agents, adult athletes who have contact with minors, National Team staff, National Committee Chairs, Association leadership, Youth Committee members, AAC Committee Members, AAC Event Leaders, all meet volunteers in an official capacity, Youth Camp staff, vendors with access to athletes, and all RunJumpThrow event organizers.  These individuals must have a USATF membership, have successfully completed the appropriate USATF background screen, and have successfully completed SafeSport training before having contact with athletes, and in any event, within sixty (60) days of assuming such position within USATF.

SafeSport Training Instruction Changes:
U.S. Center for SafeSport Core SafeSport Training Steps:

  1. Go to: (do not click the prompt taking you to
  2. Click “Sign In” located at the top right part of the screen.
  3. Click “Register”.
  4. Complete the fields on the form and click “Next”.
  5. Complete the fields on this form and at the bottom, select the box titled “Add Membership”.  A new screen will open, allowing you to select “USA Track & Field” from a dropdown.  Enter your membership number.  Click “Continue”.  Note: You must add your USATF membership number in order for our system to accurately track your completion.
  6. Verify your membership information, and click “Save”.
  7. Click “Save” on your overall profile one final time.  An email will be sent to the email address you provided in your profile. 
  8. Open your email server and click the link in the email you received to verify your account.  After you verify your account, you will have access to the course.
  9. Return to the link above and log in with the username/password you created.  Once you log in, you’ll see a screen with your course status.  To begin the course, click the “SafeSport Trained” or the “Incomplete (1)” button in yellow.
  10. A new window will open to begin the course (either at the beginning or where you last left off).
  11. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have access to the final certification PDF for the SafeSport course.  Save this PDF for your records.

SafeSport Training Update
The U.S. Center for SafeSport has notified USATF that all members who completed SafeSport training prior to a rolling two-year window will need to complete Core SafeSport Training on in order to remain compliant.  Please review the above instructions for how to register/create a profile on and complete the training.

SafeSport training is completely FREE to USATF members using your USATF member number and will take roughly 90 minutes to complete. A SafeSport Trained PDF will be available for download once you complete the training, and your USATF membership profile will be automatically updated to reflect your new training date.
Moving forward, all USATF members who are required to be USATF 3-Step SafeSport Compliant will be required to complete a SafeSport Refresher Course on an annual basis.
Lastly, please be on the lookout for in-person training opportunities at Annual Meeting.



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