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Brigetta Barrett

Brigetta Barrett

Event: High Jump
Height: 6-0
Weight: 140
PR: 2.04m/6-8.25 (2013)
Born: 12/24/1990
Current Residence: Tucson, Ariz.
Hometown: Duncanville, Texas
High School: Duncanville (Texas) H.S. ‘09
College: University of Arizona '13
Coach: Sheldon Blockburger
Agent: Paul Doyle
Sponsor: Brand Jordan
USA Championships
Two-Time USA Outdoor Champion - 2011 (1.95m/6-4.75); 2013 (2.04m/6-8.25)
2012 Olympic Trials runner-up (2.01m/6-7)

2014 USA Outdoors bronze medalist (1.91m/6-3.25)

International Championships
2013 World Outdoor silver medalist (2.00m/6-6.75)
2012 Olympic Games silver medalist (2.03m/6-8.0)
2011 World University Games Champion (1.96m/6-05.00)

Collegiate Championships
2013 NCAA Indoor/Outdoor Champion - indoor (1.95m/6-4.75); outdoor (1.95m/6-4.75)
2012 NCAA Indoor/Outdoor Champion - indoor (1.96m/6-05.00); outdoor (1.93m/6-4)
2011 NCAA Indoor/Outdoor Champion - indoor (1.90m/6-2.75); outdoor (1.86m/6-1.75)

About Brigetta
Barrett grew up in New York, where she started high jumping her freshman year of high school. For her junior year, Barrett packed her bags and moved to Texas to live with family members and give herself the best possible environment for success. Barrett’s moved paid off as she became a two-time Texas state champion and earned a scholarship to Arizona. In only her sophomore year of college, Barrett exploded on the international high jump scene. After winning victories at NCAA Indoor and Outdoor as well as the USA Championships, Barrett traveled out of the country for the first time to win the World University Games and advance to the finals of the World Championships. In 2012, Barrett won Olympic silver to became the first U.S. woman to medal in the high jump since Louise Ritter won gold in 1988. Barret has continued her success, finishing as runner-up at the 2013 World Outdoor Championships in addition to claiming her third straight NCAA Indoor/Outdoor Championsihp double. Barrett studied theatre arts and wrote and produced the first-ever black history month play on the campus of Arizona. Barrett writes poetry and blogs on natural hair care. A talented singer, Barrett has sung the national anthem at many events including the 2013 Fiesta Bowl.
4th at Drake Relays (1.93m/6-4); 8th at Nike Prefontaine Classic (1.88m/6-2); 3rd at USA Outdoors (1.91m/6-3.25); 9th at Paris (1.89m/6-2.25)
2013: 6th at Stockholm (1.90m/6-2.75); 2nd at World Outdoors (2.00m/6-6.75); 1st at Monaco (2.01m/6-7); 2nd at Paris (1.98m/6-6); 1st at USA Outdoors (2.04m/6-8.25); 1st at NCAA Outdoors (1.95m/6-4.75); 3rd at adidas Grand Prix (1.91m/6-3.25); 1st at Pac12 Outdoors (1.99m/6-6.25); 1st at NCAA Indoors (1.95m/6-4.75); 2nd at Millrose Games (1.87m/6-1.5) 
2012:  2nd at DecaNation (1.92m/6-3.50); 2nd at Olympic Games (2.03m/6-8.0); 2nd at Olympic Trials (2.01m/6-7); 1st at NCAA Outdoors (1.93m/6-4); 4th at Pre Classic (1.91m/6-3.25); 1st at Tucson Elite Classic (1.89m/6-2.25); 1st at Pac-12 Outdoor (1.94m/6-4.25); 1st at Mt. Sac Relays (1.95m/6-4.75); 1st at Payton Jordan Invitational (1.95m/6-4.75);1st at NCAA Indoors (1.96m/6-5); 1st at MPSF Indoor Championships (1.93m/6-4)
2011: 10th at World Outdoor (1.93m/6-03.50); 1st at World University Games (1.96m/6-05.00); 5th at Monaco (1.85m/6-00.75) 1st at USA Outdoors (1.95m/6-4.75); 1st at NCAA Outdoor (1.86m/6-1.75); 1st at Pac-10 Outdoor (1.93m/6-4); 1st at NCAA Indoor (1.90m/6-2.75); MPSF Indoor champion (1.93m/6-03.50)
2010: 3rd at USA Outdoor (1.91m/6-3.25); 7th at NCAA Outdoor (1.75m/5-08.75); 3rd at Pac-10 Outdoor (1.83m/6-00.00); 3rd at NCAA Indoor (1.84m/6-0.50)
2009: Texas State 5A Champion (1.75m/5-9)
2008: 2nd at USA Juniors (1.77m/5-9.75); Texas 5A state Champion (1.77m/5-09.75)

USA/World Rankings and Personal Bests
Outdoor bests - High Jump, 1.95m/6-4.75
2013: Indoor bests - High Jump, 1.95/6-4¾ (No. 1 in the USA, No. 6 in the World); Outdoor bests - High Jump, 2.04/6-8¼ (No. 1 in the USA, No. 1 in the World, No. 3 in the World by T&FN)
2012: Indoor bests - 1.97m/6-5.50 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 3 in the world); Outdoor bests - 2.03m/6-8.0 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 3 in the world, ranked No. 2 in the USA by T&FN, ranked No. 4 in the world by T&FN)
2011: Indoor bests – 1.92m/6-03.50 (No. 1 in the USA by T&FN, No. 16 in the world); Outdoor bests – 1.96m/6-05.00 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 9 in the world)
2010: Indoor bests – 1.89m/6-02.25 (No. 5 in the USA); Outdoor bests – 1.91m/6-03.25 (No. 5 in the USA by T&FN, No. 35 in the world)
2009: Outdoor bests – 1.82m/5-11.50 (No. 18 in the USA)
2008: Outdoor bests – 1.83m/6-00.00
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