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Jamie Nieto

Jamie Nieto

Event: High Jump
Height: 6-4.25
Weight: 185
PR: 2.34m/7-8 (2004)
Born: 11/02/1976
Current Residence: Chula Vista, Calif.
Hometown: Sacrameento, Caif.
High School: Valley HS (Sacramento, Calif.) '94
College: Sacramento City College '96; Eastern Michigan University '99
Coach: Cliff Rovelto
Agent: Paul Doyle
USA Championships
Three-time USA Outdoor champion - 2003 (2.30m/7-6.5); 2004 (2.33m/7-7.5); 2012 (2.28m/7-5.75)
2004 USA Indoor champion (2.30m/7-6.5)
Two-time USA Outdoor runner-up - 2007 (2.24m/7-4.25); 2008 (2.27m/7-05.25)
Two-time USA Indoor runner-up - 2001 (2.22m/7-3.25); 2005 (2.24m/7-4.25)
3rd at 2010 USA Outdoors (2.23m/7-3.75)
3rd twice at USA Indoors - 2007 23r(2.23m/7-3.75); 2008 (2.25m/7-4.50)

International Championships
2003 Pan Am Games silver medalist (2.28/7-5.75)

About Jamie
A proven veteran, in 2012 Jamie Nieto proved he remains on an elite level after qualifying for the Olympic Games final and picking up a top ten ranking in the world according to Track & Field News. Over the past two years and at 35 years old he has proven he is one of the nation’s best men’s high jumpers. Nieto had a strong season in 2008 highlighted by his runner-up finish at the Olympic Trials in Eugene, Ore. However, Nieto did not qualify for a spot on the Team USA roster for Beijing because he did not clear the Olympic "A" qualifying standard of 2.30m/7-6.50 during the designated time frame prior to, or during the Trials. Nieto’s best clearance in 2008 of 2.30m/7-6.50 happened on July 12 following the Olympic Trials. It was his best performance since clearing that identical height in 2005. Nieto enjoyed a breakthrough year in 2003 with his win at the USA Outdoor Championships. He’s only gotten better, winning the 2004 Olympic Trials and taking fourth at the Olympic Games in Athens, with a personal best clearance of 2.34m/7-8. Ranked among the top 10 U.S. jumpers since 1998, Nieto had never been ranked higher than 4th – or finished higher than 4th at the USA Outdoor Championships – before winning the 2003 national title, his first national crown on any level. In 2003, he equaled his then personal best of 2.30m/7-6.5 on three occasions – at the USA Championships, in Madrid and at Eberstadt, Germany…also in 2003 Nieto posted six of the top eight clearances by an American that season…Nieto had found success on the college level, three times earning All-America honors, but his brightest days are ahead of him … moved to Chula Vista to live at the Olympic Training Center … Nieto is coached by Cliff Rovelto of Kansas State, and he also works with Joe Radan, whom he calls his “mentor” … earned an Associates of Arts degree, bachelors of Business Administration.Nieto’s budding acting career includes featured roles in the movies The Encounter and Jerusalem Countdown.
14th at USA Outdoors (2.15/7-0.5)
2012: Olympic Trials champion (2.28m/7-5.75); 6th in Olympic Games final (2.29m/7-6); 3rd at adidas Grand Prix (2.31m/7-7); 1st at Drake Relays (2.24m/7-4.25); 6th in Birmingham (2.24m/7-4.25); 7th in Zurich (2.21m/7-3)
2011: 7th at USA Outdoors (2.24m.7-4.25); USA Indoor runner-up (2.25m/7-4.5)
2010: 3rd at USA Outdoors (2.23m/7-3.75); 4th at USA Indoors (2.28m/7-5.75); 1st at Fortaleza (2.25m/7-4.5)
2009: 5th at USA Outdoors (2.25m/7-4.50); 2nd at Burnaby, CAN (2.28m/7-5.75)
2008: 2nd at Olympic Trials (2.27m/7-05.25); 6th at Nike Prefontaine Classic (2.20m/7-2.5); 3rd at USA Indoors (2.25m/7-4.50); 1st at Cork (2.30m/7-6.50); 1st at Claremont (2.26m/7-5)
2007: USA Outdoor runner-up (2.24m/7-4.25); 8th in Group B qualifying at World Outdoors (2.26m/7-5); 3rd at USA Indoors (2.23m/7-3.75);1st at Nebraska Invitational (2.26m/7-5);1st at Lignano (2.27m/7-5.25); 3rd at Rethimno (2.24m/7-4.25); Tied for 7th at Pan Am Games (2.21m/7-3) 
2006: 4th at USA Indoors (2.22m/7-3.25); 6th at USA Outdoors (2.19m/7-2.25); 2nd at Mt. SAC (2.27m/7-5.25); 8th at DN Galan (2.24m)
2005: 5th at USA Outdoor Champs (2.22m/7-3.25); USA Indoor runner-up (2.24m/7-4.25); 6th at Rome (2.30m/7-6.50)
2004: 1st at Olympic Trials (2.33m/7-7.5); 4th at Olympic Games (2.34m/7-8); USA Indoors champion (2.30m/7-6.5); 9th at World Indoors (2.20m/7-2.5); 1st at Nike Prefontaine Classic (2.30m/7-6.50); 1st at Weinheim, GER (2.32m/7-7.25); 1st at Sea Ray Relays (2.26m/7-5); 1st at Adidas Oregon (2.27m/7-5.25) 
2003: 1st at USA Outdoors (2.30m/7-6.5); 7th at World Outdoors (2.29m/7-6); 4th at USA Indoors (2.27m/7-5.25); Pan Am Games silver medalist (2.28/7-5.75); 3rd at Madrid Super GP (2.30m/7-6.5); 1st at Karlstad, SWE (2.27m/7-5.25); 1st at Otterberg, GER (2.21m/7-3); 1st at Harry Jerome Classic (2.27m/7-5.25); 3rd at Eberstadt, GER (2.30m/7-6.5)
2002: 4th at USA Outdoors (2.24m/7-4); 7th at US Indoors (2.18m/7-1.75); 2nd at Karlstad, Sweden (2.28m/7-5.75);1st at Linz, Austria GPII (2.30m/7-6.5)
2001: 5th at USA Outdoors (2.22m/7-3.25); U.S. Indoor runner-up (2.22m/7-3.25); 1st at Long Beach USATF Tune-Up (2.27m/7-5.25)
2000: 5th at Olympic Trials (2.22m/7-3.25) 
1999: 4th at USA Outdoors (2.25m/7-4.25) … 3rd at NCAA Indoors (2.29m/7-6)…Indoor CCC champ (2.25m/7-4.5)…MAC Indoor champ (2.21m/7-3)… Sea Ray Relays champ (2.27m/7-5.25)…Mt. Sac champ (2.30m/7-6.5)… did not make final of World University Games (2.10m/6-10.75)
1998: 6th at NCAA Outdoors (2.22m/7-3.25)...7th at USA Championships (2.20m/7-2.5)...9th at NCAA Indoors (2.22m/7-3.25)...1st at CCC Indoors (2.21m/7-3)...2nd at MAC Outdoors (2.21m/7-3)

USA/World Rankings and Personal Bests
Outdoor bests - 2.31m/7-7 (No. 4 in the USA, No. 15 in the world, ranked No. 3 in the USA & ranked No. 9 in the world by T&FN)
2011: Outdoor bests - 2.28m/7-5.75 (No. 6 in the USA by T&FN, No. 32 in the world)
2010: Outdoor bests - 2.25m/7-4.5 (No.12 in the USA, ranked No. 3 in the USA by T&FN)
2009: Outdoor bests - 2.28m/7-5.75 (No. 7 in the USA, No. 32 in the world, ranked No. 5 in the USA T&FN)
2008: Outdoor bests - 2.30m/7-6.50 (No. 6 in the USA, No. 28 in the world, ranked No. 2 in the USA by T&FN)
2007: Outdoor bests - 2.24m/7-4.25 (No. 8 in the USA, No. 49 in the world, ranked No. 3 in the USA by T&FN)
2006: Outdoor bests - 2.27m/7-5.25 (ranked No. 7 in the USA by T&FN)
2005: Outdoor bests - 2.30m/7-6.5 (ranked No.3 in the USA by T&FN)
2004: Outdoor bests - 2.34m/7-8PR (ranked No. 1 in the USA & ranked No. 4 in the world by T&FN
2003: Outdoor bests - 2.30m/7-6.5 (ranked No. 1 in the USA & ranked No. 5 in the world by T&FN)
2002: Outdoor bests - 2.30m/7-6.5 (ranked No. 5 in the USA by T&FN)
2001: Outdoor bests - 2.27m/7-5.25 (ranked No. 6 in the USA by T&FN)
2000: Outdoor bests - 2.23m/7-3.75
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