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Jessica Cosby Toruga

Jessica Cosby Toruga

Event: Hammer Throw
Height: 5-8
Weight: 175
PR: 74.19m/243-5 (2012)
Born: 05/31/1982
Current Residence: Grand Prairie, Texas
Hometown: Mission Hills, Calif.
High School: Grover Cleveland (Reseda, Calif.) H.S. '00
College: UCLA '05
Coach: Art Venegas
Agent: Mark Pryor
USA Championships
Four-time USA Outdoor champion – 2006 (70.78m/232-3); 2008 (70.72m/232-0); 2009 (72.04m/236-4); 2011 (71.33m/234-0)
Two-time USA Outdoor runner-up - 2010 (71.33m/234-0); 2014 (71.72m/235-4)
Two-time USA Outdoor third place 2012 (70.77m/232-2); 2007 (68.21m/223-9)
Two-time 2001 USA Junior Outdoor champion  -shot (16.68m/54-8.75) & hammer (55.72m/182-10)
Runner up at 2000 USA Junior Outdoor shot (15.33m/50-3.5)

International championships
2004 NACAC U23 runner-up (63.70m/209-0)

Collegiate Championships
2002 NCAA Hammer champion (17.38m/57-0.25)
2004 NCAA hammer runner-up (66.88m/219-5)
2005 Two-time NCAA 3rd place finisher  - hammer (63.87m/209-6); shot put (16.80m/55-1.5)

Awards and Honors
American record holder -74.19m/243-5 (2012)

About Jessica
After competing as one of the nation’s top hammer throwers for more than six years, Cosby Toruga added her name to the record books with her American record throw at the 2012 Prefontaine Classic (74.19m/243-5). After the 2008 Olympics where Cosby Toruga did not record a mark in competition, she came back on the international level to finish 7th and 11th at the 2009 and 2011 World Championships, respectively. Cosby Toruga made her second Olympic team after finishing second at the U.S. Olympic Trials hammer event held on the campus of Nike. In high school, she was a four-time Los Angeles City shot put champion (1997-2000) and placed second in shot put at the 2000 California State Championships (14.95m/49-0.75) and Golden West Invitational (14.86m/48-9). In 2001 she became the first athlete in U.S. history to win both the shot put and hammer throw at the USA Junior Championships. Married David Toruga two weeks after the 2012 Olympic Games.
2nd at USA Outdoors (71.72m/235-4)
2013: 4th at USA Outdoors (72.58m/238-1); 3rd at Chicagoland (72.25m/237-0); 4th at Pre Classic (72.39m/237-6); 1st at Tucson Elite (73.58m/241-5)
2012: 7th in qualifying round of Olympic Games (69.65m/228-6); 3rd at Olympic Trials (70.77m/232-2); 4th at Pre Classic (74.19m/243-5); 1st at Rio Grand Prix (71.80m/235-6); 1st at Sao Paulo (72.05m/236-4); 1st  at Uberlandia (69.89m/229-3); 1st at Oxy Invite (70.33m/230-9).
2011: 11th at World Outdoor (68.91m/226-1); 1st at USA Outdoor (71.33m/234-0); 1st at Oxy Invite (72.65m/238-4)
2010: 6th at Pre Classic (68.32m/224-1); 2nd at USA Outdoors (71.24m/233-9)
2009: 7th at World Outdoor (72.17m/236-9); 1st at USA Outdoor (72.04m/236-4); 3rd at Pre Classic (70.68m/231-10); 1st at Oxy Invite (71.15m/233-5).
2008: no mark in qualifying round of Olympic Games; 1st at Olympic Trials (70.72m/232-0); 1st at JJK Invitational (67.79m/222-5)
2007: 8th in qualifying at World Outdoor (67.90m.222-9); 1st at NACAC Outdoor (65.15m/213-9); 3rd at USA Outdoor (68.21m/223-9); 1st at Westwood (68.34m/224-2); 3rd at Mt. SAC (68.26m/223-11)
2006: 1st at USA Outdoor (70.78m/232-3); 2nd at Tucson Elite Classic (66.87m/219-4)
2005: 5th at USA Outdoor (66.81m/219-2); 3rd in HT (63.87m/209-6)and SP (16.80m/55-1.5) at NCAA Outdoor; Pac-10 HT and SP champion (66.09m/216-10, 17.11m/56-1.75)
2004: 7th at Olympic Trials (64.50m/211-7); 2nd at NACAC U23 Outdoor (63.70m/209-0); 2nd at NCAA Outdoor HT (66.88m/219-5), 11th in SP (66.88m/219-5, 16.17m/53-0.75); Pac-10 HT champion, 3rd in SP
2003: 4th at USA Indoors shot (16.51m/54-2); 2nd at Salinas in shot(17.01m/55-9.75); 2nd at Seattle in shot (16.66m/54-8); 4th at Home Depot Invite HT (61.15m/200-7)
2002: 1st at NCAA Outdoors (17.38m/57-0.25); 6th at NCAA Indoors (16.42m/53-10.5); 2nd at Seattle (16.94m/55-7)
2001: 1st at USA Junior SP (16.68m/54-8.75) & HT (55.72m/182-10)
2000: 9th at World Junior Championships; 2nd at USA Juniors (15.33m/50-3.5)

U.S. and World Rankings and Personal Bests
: Outdoor Bests - Hammer, 74.20m/243-4
2013: Outdoor Bests - Hammer, 73.85m/241-5 (No. 4 in the USA, No. 16 in the World, No. 3 in the USA by T&FN)
2012: Outdoor bests - 74.19m/243-5 (1st in the US, 14th in the World, ranked No. 2 in the USA by T&FN)
2011: Outdoor bests – 72.65m/238-4  (1st in the US by T&FN, 10th in the World)
2010: Outdoor bests – 71.24m/233-8 (3rd in the US by T&FN, 19th in the World)
2009: Outdoor bests – 72.21m/236-11 (1st in the US by T&FN, 16th in the World)
2008: Outdoor bests - 70.72m/232-0 (1st in the US, 29th in the World)
2007: Outdoor bests - 68.34m/224-2 ( 8th in the US ,50th in the World)
2006: Outdoor bests - 70.78m/232-3
2005: Outdoor bests – hammer 66.81m/219-02; shot put 17.63m/57-10.25
2004: Outdoor bests – hammer 66.88m/219-5; shot put 17.25m/56-7.25
2003: Outdoor bests – hammer 61.15m/200-7; shot put 17.01m/55-9.75
2002: Outdoor bests – hammer 59.54m/195-4, shot put best of 17.38m/57-0.25
2001: Outdoor bests – hammer 55.72m/182-10; shot put - 16.68m/54-8.75
2000: Outdoor bests – shot put 15.33m/50-3.5
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