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Morgan Uceny

Morgan Uceny

Event: Middle Distance
Height: 5-6
Weight: 117
PR: 800m - 1:58.37 (2011); 1500m - 4:00.06 (2011)
Born: 03/10/1985
Current Residence: Loughborough, England
Hometown: Plymouth, Ind.
High School: Plymouth (Ind.) H.S. ‘03
College: Cornell ‘07
Coach: Terrence Mahon
Agent: Mark Wetmore
USA Championships
Two-time USA Outdoor champion - 2012 (4:04.59); 2011(4:03.91)
2010 USA Indoor champion  (4:19.46)
2008 USA Indoor bronze medalist at 800m (2:04.12)

Awards and Honors
2011 Diamond League champion

About Morgan
Uceny burst onto the international scene in 2011 when she was ranked as the top 1500m runner in the world by Track and Field News. Uceny’s No. 1 ranking was the first for an American in 28 years since Mary Decker Slaney took top honors in 1983. While Uceny dominated the Diamond League, she was unable to enjoy the World Championship podium as she fell in the final of the 1500m and was knocked out of contention. Unfortunately, Uceny relived her nightmare at the Olympic Games when she tumbled to the track with one lap to go in the 1500m final. Before Uceny discovered her talent in the 1500m, she specialized in the 800m during her career at Cornell University. After a promising prep career in Indiana, where Uceny won the 800m her senior year, she struggled during her first year of college and was not able to make the varsity squad.  But by the time she graduated, she was a four-time All American and set seven school records. Uceny grew up in Plymouth, Ind., where she cared for goats and steers in 4H. In the summers she would help her father working on his masonry crew. Uceny is known for wearing a bright multi-colored plastic necklace during her races.
8th at USA Indoors (4:20.49); 6th at Drake Relays (4:08.68); 10th at Shanghai (4:10.93); 7th at adidas Grand Prix (4:04.87); 12th at USA Outdoors (4:24.01); 12th at Paris (4:04.76); 10th at Glasgow (4:05.40)
2013: 4th in Brussels 1,000m (2:37.45); 6th at London 1500m (4:09.79); 10th at Lausanne 1500m (4:09.42); 12th at Birmingham 1500m (4:08.49); 8th at USA Outdoor 1500m (4:31.32); 7th at adidas Grand Prix 1500m (4:08.49); 9th at Drake Relays 1500m (4:17.71); 9th at Mt. SAC Relays 800m (2:05.50)
2012: fell in final of Olympic Games (DNF); 5th at London (4:08.22); 1st at Olympic Trials (4:04.59); 6th at Oslo (4:05.30); 4th at Rome (4:01.59); 2nd at USATF High Performance (4:06.52); 1st at Payton Jordan Invite 800m (2:02.46); 3rd at Stockholm 1500m (4:08.06); 1st at Millrose Games 800m (2:03.35); 2nd at Boston Grand Prix 1,000m (2:38.44)
2011: 1st at Bruselles (4:00.06); fell in final of World Outdoors to finish 10th (4:19.71); 3rd at Monaco (4:01.51); 1st at Birmingham (4:05.64); 1st at Lusanne (4:05.52); 1st at USA Outdoor (4:03.91); 2nd at New York Grand Prix (4:08.42); 3rd at Pre Classic 1500m (4:06.32); 2nd at Boston Indoor Grand Prix 800m (2:01.65)
2010: 5th at Stockholm (4:02.72); 2nd at Gateshead (4:04.26); 4th at London (1:59.32); 1st at Luzern (1:58.67); 3rd at Lignano  (1:59.29); 5th at USA Outdoors 800m (2:00.86); 6th at New York Grand Prix 1500m (4:04.01); 1st at USA Indoor 1500m (4:19.46)
2009: 8th at London 1500m (4:10.15); 2nd at Luzern 1500m (4:09.95); 10th at Monaco (2:00.07); 6th at USA Outdoors 800m(2:01.32); 9th at New York Grand Prix 800m (2:06.03)
2008: 4th at Gateshead (2:01.35); 3rd at London (2:00.01); 6th at Olympic Trials (2:02.16); 4th at New York Grand Prix (2:02.43); 3rd at USA Indoors (2:04.12); 7th at Tyson Invite (2:05.84); 1st at Boston Indoor Games 800 (2:05.75)
2007: 5th in 1st semi-final of Pan Am Games (2:04.13); 4th at USA Outdoor (2:01.75); 6th at NCAA Outdoor 800m (2:02.33); 5th at NCAA Indoor 800m (2:05.95)
2006: 4th at NCAA Outdoor 800m (2:06.55); 1st at ECAC Outdoor 800m (2:06.07)
2005: 7th at NCAA Indoor 800m (2:06.66); 1st at ECAC Indoor 800m (2:06.90)
2002: Indiana State Champion at 800m (2:13.04)

USA/World Rankings and Personal Bests
Indoor bests - 800m, 2:04.85; 1500m, 4:14.26; Mile, 4:30.57; 2000m; 5:49.97; Outdoor bests - 800m, 2:02.93; 1500m, 4:04.76; Mile, 4:29.89; Mile Road, 4:44.00
2013: Outdoor bests - 800m, 2:02.51 (No. 23 in the USA); 1000m, 2:37.61 (No. 1 in the USA); 1500m, 4:08.49 (No. 19 in the USA, ranked No. 8 in the USA by T&FN)
2012: Indoor bests - 800m, 2:03.35 (No. 6 in the USA); 1500m, 4:08.06 (No. 3 in the USA, No. 14 in the World); Outdoor bests - 1500m, 4:01.59 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 20 in the world, ranked No. 2 in the USA, No. 8 in the world by T&FN)
2011: Indoor bests – 800m, 1:58.37 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 13 in the world); Outdoor bests - 1500m, 4:00.06 (No. 1 in the  USA/No.1 in the world by T&FN)
2010: Indoor bests – 1500m, 4:19.46 (No. 9 in the USA); Outdoor bests - 1500m, 4:02.40 (No. 3 in the USA by T&FN, No. 19 in the world); 800m, 1:58.67 (No. 3 in the USA by T&FN, No. 10 in the world, ranked No. 9 in world by T&FN)
2009: Outdoor bests - 1500m, 4:09.95 (No. 15 in the USA); 800m,2:00.06 (No. 5 in the USA, No.34 in the world, ranked No. 7 in the USA by T&FN)
2008: Indoor bests – 800m, 2:04.12 (No. 5 in the USA, No.49 in the world); Outdoor bests - 1500m, 4:06.93 (No. 5 in the USA, No. 43 in the world), 800m, 2:00.01 (No. 3 in the USA, No. 33 in the world)
2007: Indoor bests – 800m, 2:04.58; Outdoor bests - 1500m, 4:17.18; 800m, 2:01.75 (No. 9 in the USA)
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