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Nicole Bush

Nicole Bush

Event: 3,000m steeplechase
PR: 3000mSC - 9:34.76 (2014)
Born: 04/04/1986
Current Residence: Greenville, S.C.
Hometown: Wyoming, Mich.
High School: Kelloggsville
College: Michigan State '09
USA Championships
2013 USA Outdoor Champion (9:44.53)
2010 USA Outdoor runner-up (9:56.08)

International Championships
2008 NACAC U23 Champion (10:42.17)

Collegiate Championships
2009 NCAA Outdoor runner-up (9:40.49)

About Nicole
Bush has been dealt several setback in her quest to represent Team USA at a senior international championship, but in 2013 she overcame them all as she won her first national title and secured her spot in Moscow. While still in college at Michigan State, Bush came agonizingly close to making the 2008 Olympic squad as she took fourth at the Olympic Trials. A year later, Bush was one of the top contenders for a spot on the 2009 World Championship team, but the barrier at the water pit was set too high. Bush tumbled in the pit and finished the race limping inspite of a broken bone in her foot that cause her to miss the final.
8th at USA Outdoors (9:48.08); 11th at Glasgow (9:36.71)
2013: 13th in heat at World Outdoors (9:58.03); 9th at Birmingham (9:51.19); 1st at USA Outdoors (9:44.53); 2nd at Ponce (9:39.36)
2012: 10th in prelim heat at Olympic Trials (10:06.23); 6th at Portland Track Festival (10:06.94); 13th at Payton Jordan (10:03.92)
2011: 8th at Gent (9:58.74); 10th at USA Outdoors (10:02.87); 11th at adidas GP (9:55.17)
2010: 8th at Pre Classic (9:53.34); 2nd at USA Outdoors (9:56.08); 5th at Rio de Janeiro (9:49.05)
2009: Injured in prelim heat of USA Outdoors 3,000mSC (9:57.06); 2nd at NCAA Outdoors 3,000mSC (9:40.49); 1st at Big 10 Outdoors 3,000mSC (9:41.87), 2nd in 5,000m (15:55.41); 2nd at Peyton Jordan 3,000mSC (9:39.38); 7th at USA Indoors 3,000m (9:04.35)
2008: 1st at NACAC U23 3,000mSC (10:42.17); 4th at Olympic Trials (9:40.27); 6th at NCAA Indoors 3,000m (9:13.48), 4th in 5,000m (16:03.27); 2nd at Big 10 Indoors 5,000m (16:00.25)
2007: 6th at NCAA Outdoors 3,000mSC (9:56.68); 2nd at Big 10 Outdoors 3,000mSC (10:03.89), 6th in 5,000m (16:34.00)
2006: 5th at NCAA Outdoors 3,000mSC (10:01.04); 3rd at Big 10 Outdoors 3,000mSC (10:10.94), 4th in 5,000m (16:11.21); 4th at Big 10 Indoors 3,000m (9:27.14), 5th in 5,000m (16:32.71)
2005: 11th at Big 10 Outdoors 1500m (4:35.50); 8th at Big 10 Indoors mile (4:56.4)

USA/World Rankings and Personal Bests
Indoor bests - Mile (4:38.18); 2000m (5:49.29); Outdoor bests - 1500m (3:13.83); 5000m (15:31.43); 3000mSC (9:24.59)
2013: Outdoor bests - 3000mSC (9:39.36) (No. 6 in the USA, No. 38 in the World)

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