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Sheena Gordon

Sheena Gordon

Event: Triple Jump/High jump
Height: 5-11
PR: Triple Jump - 13.83m/45-4.5 (2012); High Jump - 1.91m/6-3.25 (2005)
Born: 09/26/1983
Current Residence: Atlanta, GA
Hometown: Erie, Pa.
High School: McDowell Senior HS
College: University of North Carolina
Coach: Nat Page
USA Championships
2012 Olympic Trials TJ runner-up (13.83m/45-4.5)
2002 USA Junior TJ bronze medalist (12.67m/41-7)

Collegiate Championships
2006 NCAA Indoor HJ champion (1.86m/6-1.25)
2006 NCAA Outdoor HJ runner-up (1.86m/6-1.25)

About Sheena
Gordon graduated from the Georgia State College of Law in 2012, but while most of her classmates were preparing to take the bar exam in July, Gordon devoted all of her time to preparations for the Olympic Trials. Gordon has enjoyed a lengthy career as a talented triple jumper and high jumper for nearly a decade. In recent years, Gordon has trained under Nat Page in Atlanta while going to law school and balancing her training with working at the State Court of Fulton County.
2012: 2nd at Olympic Trials TJ (13.83m/45-4.5); 4th at USA Indoors TJ (13.57)
2011: 4th at USA Outdoors TJ (13.67m/44-10.25); 7th at New York HJ (1.77m/5-9.75)
2010: did not compete
2009: 5th at Drake Relays HJ (1.76m/5-9.75); 5th at Mt. SAC Relays HJ (1.85m/6-0.75)
2008: 5th at Olympic Trials HJ (1.89m/6-2.25), 6th in qualifying of TJ (13.42m/44-0.5w); 6th at Drake Relays HJ (1.80m/5-10.75); 4th at USA Indoors TJ (13.29m/43-7.25)
2007: 5th at USA Outdoors HJ (1.83m/6-0), 5th in TJ (13.52m/44-4.25); 2nd at Pre Classic TJ (13.62m/44-8.25); 3rd at USA Indoors HJ (1.86m/6-1.25); 2nd at Millrose Games HJ (1.85m/6-0.75)
2006: 8th at USA Outdoors HJ (1.78m/5-10); 2nd at NCAA Outdoors HJ (1.86m/6-1.25); 3rd at AAC Outdoors HJ (1.80m/5-10.75), 6th in TJ (12.68m/41-7.25); 1st at NCAA Indoors HJ (1.86m/6-1.25), 12th in TJ (12.87m/42-2.75)
2005: 7th at USA Outdoors HJ (1.80m/5-10.75), 10th in TJ (13.18m/43-3); 7th at NCAA Outdoors HJ (1.83m/6-0), 9th in TJ (13.08m/42-11); 2nd at ACC Outdoors HJ (1.91m/6-3.25), 4th in TJ (13.12m/43-0.5); 4th at NCAA Indoors HJ (1.86m/6-1.25); 2nd at AAC Indoors HJ (1.87m/6-1.50), 7th in TJ (12.60m/41-4.25)
2004: 8th at USA Outdoors HJ (1.84m/6-0.5); 4th at NCAA Outdoors HJ (1.87m/6-1.50)
2003: 14th at NCAA Outdoors HJ (1.75m/5-8.75), 16th in TJ (12.67m/41-7w); 2nd at PAC 10 Outdoors TJ (12.81m/42-0.5), 3rd in HJ (1.78m/5-10)
2002: 7th in qualifying round of World Junior TJ (12.81m/42-0.5); 3rd at USA Juniors TJ (12.67m/41-7), 5th in HJ (1.72m/); 1st at Pa. 3A State Champs TJ (13.06m/42-10.25), LJ (6.05m/19-10.25), HJ (1.80m/5-10.75), 2nd in 100mH (14.11)

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