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Treniere Moser

Treniere Moser

Event: 1500m
Height: 5-3
Weight: 112
PR: 1500m - 4:02.85 (2013)
Born: 10/27/1981
Current Residence: Portland, Ore.
Hometown: Stow, Ohio
High School: Monroe Falls HS '00
College: Georgetown '04
Coach: Alberto Salazar
Agent: Mark Wetmore
Sponsor: Nike
USA Championships
Four-time USA Outdoor 1500m champion - 2005  (4:06.73); 2006 (4:10.44); 2007 (4:07.04); 2013 (4:28.62)
2006 USA Indoor 1500m champion (4:08.13)
Three-time USA Indoor runner-up - 2005, 1500m (4:14.20); 2009, 800m (2:04.32), 2014, 1500m (4:09.93)

Collegiate Championships
2004 NCAA Outdoor 1500m runner-up (4:12.21)
2004 NCAA Indoor mile bronze medalist (4:35.16)

About Treniere
Moser enjoyed a three-year reign as the 1500m national champion from 2005-2007, then after a five year drought of titles, Moser stood atop the podium again in 2013 at 32-years-old. Moser was ready to retire from competitive running when she moved to Portland in 2012, but her husband Paul had just landed a job Nike’s headquarters and ran into Alberto Salazar. Once Salazar started coaching Moser as part of the Oregon Project, her career caught a second wind.

 2nd at USA Indoors (4:09.93); 4th at World Indoors (4:07.84); 5th at Drake Relays (4:08.58); 8th at Shanghai (4:06.38); 10th at Nike Prefontaine Classic (4:04.74); 6th at adidas Grand Prix (4:04.33); 8th at USA Outdoors (15:43.84); 5th at Glasgow (4:04.18)
2013: 13th at Monaco (4:07.42); 1st at USA Outdoors (4:28.62); 5th at Pre Classic (4:02.85); 2nd at USA Indoors mile (5:06.55); 5th at Birmingham (4:14.05); 2nd at Boston GP mile (4:39.40)
2012: 11th at Olympic Trials (4:15.84); 9th at Pre Classic (4:10.05); 5th at USATF Classic (4:12.71)
2011: 5th at London (4:08.80); 9th at Birmingham (4:08.16); 6th at USA Outdoors (4:09.72); 6th at adidas GP (4:10.40); 7th at Pre Classic (4:07.57); 4th at New Balance GP mile (4:35.47)
2010: 12th at London (4:14.36); 8th at Gateshead (4:10.38); 4th at USA Outdoors 800m (2:00.51); 12th at adidas GP (4:07.49); 5th at USA Indoors (4:22.81); 5th at Boston Indoor Games 1000m (2:41.89)
2009: 7th at London 800m (2:02.78); 5th at USA Outdoor 1500m (4:09.10); 12th at Pre Classic 1500m (4:10.73); 6th at Rebbok GP (4:09.57); 5th at adidas Classic 800m (2:02.80); 2nd at USA Indoor 800m (2:04.32); 4th at Boston Indoor Games 800m (2:05.32)
2008: 12th at Olympic Trials in 1,500m (4:24.62)...8th at Reebok Grand Prix (2:03.91)
2007: USA Outdoor 1,500m champion (4:07.04)…9th in semis at World Outdoors (4:08.32)...2nd in 800m at Reebok Grand Prix (1:59.15PR)…3rd in 1,500m at adidas Track Classic (4:07.04)…1st in 800m at Georgia Tech Invitational (2:01.50)…4th in 1,500m at Nike Prefontaine Classic (4:06.84)…3rd in 800m at Sheffield (2:00.96)…6th in 1,500m at Madrid (4:11.65)…7th in 1,500m at Monaco (4:06.07)…6th in 800m at London (2:01.50)...ranked #1 in the U.S. by T& of 4:06.07.
2006: USA Outdoor 1,500m champion (4:10.44)...USA Indoor 1,500m champion(4:08.13)...8th at Rieti (4:03.32)...6th at Nike Prefontaine Classic (4:04.40)...13th at Lausanne (4:10.22) ...ranked #1 in the U.S. by T&FN…best of 4:03.32.
2005: USA Outdoor 1,500m champion (4:06.73)...USA Indoor 1,500m runner-up (4:14.20)...12th in the first round of the 1,500m at World Outdoor Championships (4:16.51)...6th at Rome (4:05.77PR)...2nd in the 800m at the Reebok Grand Prix (1:59.59PR)...ranked #1 at 1500m and #3 at 800m in the U.S. by T&FN...bests of 4:05.77 & 1:59.59.
2004: Runner-up at NCAA Outdoor Champs (4:12.21)...3rd NCAA Indoor Champs mile (4:35.16)...4th NCAA Indoor Champs 3,000m (9:11.44)...11th in opening round at Olympic Trials (fell-4:14.42)...bests of 4:11.11, 4:35.16i
2003: 9th in opening round at USA Outdoors (4:17.22)...11th at NCAA Outdoors...bests of 4:15, 4:42.16i

USA/ World Rankings and Personal Bests
Indoor bests - 1000m (2:37.88); 1500m (4:04.18); Mile (4:28.86); Outdoor bests - 800m (2:01.79); 1500m (4:04.33) 5000m (15:43.84) 
2013: Indoor bests - 1500m, 4:12.09 (No. 2 in the USA); Outdoor Bests -  800m, 2:02.20 (No. 21 in the USA); 1500m, 4:02.85 (No. 5 in the USA, No. 14 in the World); 3000m, 9:03.54 (No. 16 in the USA); 5000m, 15:11.00 (No. 8 in the USA, No. 34 in the World)

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