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Meet Criteria

Criteria for a Meet/Event to be acceptable for qualifying for USATF Indoor National Championships

In order for a mark(s) from a meet or single event to be accepted for qualifying for the USATF Indoor Championships AND for USATF to be able to verify to the IAAF and various track & field ranking agencies the validity of the mark(s) for IAAF World Championships qualifying purposes, the following criteria apply:

  1. The meet/event must appear on an organizations’ previously published calendar of events.*
  2. The meet/event must be sanctioned in advance by USATF or the National Governing Body of another nation. And while not sanctioned by USATF, higher level collegiate and high school meets - such as a high school or college invitational, championships, relay carnivals, etc. – will be recognized as valid meets for qualifying.
  3. The meet/event must be held on a legal facility per USATF and/or IAAF rules & regulations.
  4. USATF certified or recognized officials must officiate the meet/event.
  5. In the 60 meters, 60 meter hurdles and 400 meters, only marks made using FAT (full automatic timing to the hundredth of a second [.01]) will be accepted for QUALIFYING PURPOSES.
  6. In throwing events, all implements must be officially measured and certified according to USATF and/or IAAF rules.
  7. At least five (5) competitors of the same gender must participate in each event. Also, the five competitors must be open athletes, and not a mixture of masters and/or youth competitors in Youth or Masters event.
  8. Trials & finals, qualifying and finals, rounds in running events, etc. should be run according to USATF and/or IAAF rules & regulations. Duplicate events on the same day, unless they follow the World/Olympic same-day qualifying &finals format, will not be acceptable for qualifying purposes.
  9. Meet results, including all field event recording sheet(s) and throwing implement verifications sheets, may be requested- and are to be sent/faxed (317-261-0514) to the USATF National Office, attn: Duffy Mahoney, if verification is needed.
  10. Meet results should always be faxed or e-mailed to: USATF at [] and T&F News at [].

*Meets that are last-chance in nature, or not on an organization’s calendar of events, must be reported to USATF at [] or (317-713-4673) not later than three full weeks from the first day/date of competition of those Championships. Doing so will permit the USATF staff member, as designated by the Sports Committee Chairs, to review the proposed meet/event. If the meet/event were to be approved, this would allow for sufficient time to disseminate meet information to as many interested competitors as possible. Failure to adhere to this protocol will likely result in the performance(s) being disallowed for qualifying purposes.

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