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Steps to Update: Affiliations/Marks/Credentials

Note: The password that’s tied to an athlete’s USATF membership is no longer valid to log-in to complete an entry/registration or to log back in to update marks, affiliations, and credential information for an entry/registration.  After the entry/registration is completed a confirmation email will be sent to the email address on file under the athletes USATF membership profile. This email will contain the password to log back into the entry/registration to update (affiliations, credentials, marks). The password is located under the heading "Managing Your Registration". This email confirmation with password is only sent to the email address that’s on file under the athlete USATF membership profile. Even though the entry system gives you the option to send a receipt/confirmation to an alternate email address, the password will only be sent to the email address on file under the athlete USATF membership. 

View the following steps on updating affiliations, marks, or credential information.

Updating affiliation:

  1. View/update affiliation (USATF Registered Club, Military Branch, Corporate Sponsor*, or University) under USATF membership profile before completing registration/entry.
  2. If the entry/registration was already completed before updating affiliation, log into the USATF membership profile with athlete USATF membership number and password associated with your membership. Then go to the affiliation area to view different affiliation options (i.e. USATF Registered Club, Military Branch, Corporate Sponsor*, or University).        
  3. Once it’s updated in the membership profile, then go back to “manage your registration” by logging in with the password that was sent on the email confirmation after the entry/registration was complete.  Then you will see the option to select your correct affiliation. 

*USATF members do not have the option to update corporate sponsors under the profile. These must be verified and updated by a national office representative in our membership department at

Updating Marks or credential information:

  1. Go to entry/registration form and click on tab that says “Manage your registration”.
  2. Log in with email address (email on file under USATF membership profile at the time entry/registration was completed) and the password (that was provided in the confirmation email that was sent to that email address). Note that the password is NOT the password tied to accessing your USATF membership profile.
  3. Then go the area you would like to update (i.e. marks, credentials (add-ons).
  4. Once all changes have been made, make sure you save changes before logging out of entry/registration.

Entry/Registration updates can be made up until close of entries: Sunday, March 6, 2016.

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