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Listed Measurer Standards

Effective January 1, 2013:

Note: The listed measurers are independent contractors and are not agents for USATF.

To be listed as a measurer on the USATF/RRTC Websites, measurers must meet defined criteria. This does not mean someone cannot measure his or her own course and have it listed. It only means that, if these standards of performance are not met, a measurer won’t be visible in the list of measurers shown on the USATF/RRTC Websites. This is to ensure that when race directors look to the USATF/RRTC sites for measurers who they may hire to measure a course, the persons listed will meet at least minimal performance standards:

  1. A measurer must create maps that meet the stated standards, as found on the site (using the Course Measurement Procedures Manual hyperlink, then going to Page 27), or on the USATF site (using the Course Maps link, or in the Manual.pdf file, beginning on Page 27).
  2. A measurer must create every map with enough detail that someone not at all familiar with the course can properly set out the course for a race. Marks will fade or be removed, so descriptions of Start, Finish, and Turnarounds relative to permanent landmarks are critical. Accurate split descriptions are also critical when included, as runners want splits. Since you measure and mark splits, they should be indicated on the map, and descriptions supplied for each split (split descriptions can be on a second page, if there is no room on the map page for the split descriptions). Split descriptions are not required. Maps without sufficient detail (lacking Start, Finish, and Turnaround detail drawings) are not acceptable.
  3. A measurer must file application paperwork which is filled in completely and correctly. All requested information must be supplied, including name, phone, and email of the lead measurer, and that of the race contact. Physical addresses for the measurer and race contact are recommended, but optional.
  4. Measurers must respond to requests by the Certifier for additional information/clarification of a map or an application in a timely manner. It’s not the responsibility of the Certifier to make multiple requests for information. Failure to respond to requests in a timely manner is reason for de-listing.

These standards are not difficult to achieve. However, if a measurer chooses to not meet these standards, they will not be placed on the list for the public to see or – if they have been listed – the measurer will be removed from the public listing until they conform to the standards. Many race directors feel that any measurer listed is endorsed by USATF/RRTC. By listing measurers, we are implying that they are capable of delivering the product described on the sites.

Any removal of a measurer will be decided by the Chair of the RRTC based upon the facts presented to him or her from a Certifier. The RRTC Chair will notify the measurer in writing of their removal for the reason(s) supplied by the Certifier. If there is an appeal by the measurer, then the RRTC as a whole will make the final decision. The measurer will be informed that he or she can be re-listed after one year by writing a letter to the Chair of the RRTC asking for re-listing. In this letter, the measurer will assure the RRTC that past problems will not occur.

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