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USATF Course Certification – RRTC Map Requirements

(effective Sep 18, 2014)

NOTE: this document is not an all inclusive list of map requirements. Rather, it is a reminder of some of the items that have been discussed recently.

Maps should have the following that are done by the Certifier

  1. Course ID.
  2. Certificate information which is stated as USATF Certificate AA14001ZZ
    Effective MM/DD/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY

    (Note: The effective date is the postmark date of the application unless the course is measured by a certifier. Then it is the date that it’s sent to the next level.)
  3. Maps are placed on the back of the Certificate.

Measurers should include the following items on their maps

  1. North Arrow.
  2. Race Name, Finish City/State. Optionally, include Start City/State.
  3. Start, Finish and Key Turns with descriptions. These descriptions should be very explicit and not state it’s approximately 5' from pole #. Descriptions of non-certified splits need not be as precise as for certified points, but should be described so the race director can easily locate them. If there is not enough room on the map page, descriptions of non-certified splits may be placed on a second sheet.
  4. Recommended (but not required): Include the measurer’s name, contact information and measurement date. One would see something like: Measured Oct 6, 2014 by Joe Smith (ph: xxx-xxx-xxxx; email:
  5. Restrictions: Descriptions of any restricted portions where cones and monitors are required must be detailed. Include a line representing the actual measured path.
  6. A written description of the course route may be included on the map page or on a second page.
  7. Maps should clearly show all intersecting roads where runners turn.

Note: Other important points about maps

  1. Maps are posted as files of a limited size to the web site. The use of pictures and photos may increase a map’s file size beyond the size limit and should be avoided.
  2. If one uses screen capture then the street names should be labelled manually.
  3. Maps should be only done with Black print on White Paper, unless files can be limited to the correct size for the USATF site.
  4. NOTE: The course map need not be to scale. It must fit onto an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper and should have a white margin of ¼" on all sides.

This document was created by RRTC Chair and Vice Chair East, Gene Newman and Justin Kuo, on Nov 19, 2012 and updated Sep 18, 2014.

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