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Course Measurement and Certification Procedures

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  • appforms.pdf (Application forms, 55 kB, last updated June 14, 2015)


See our Tools for Course Measurers page which explains how to purchase a Jones/Riegel counter, where to find topographic maps, and much more.

Contributors to the Manual

The following persons have contributed directly to the preparation of the USATF/RRTC Course Measurement Procedures Manual:

Bob Baumel
Tom Benjamin
Ted Corbitt
George Delaney
Gabriel Duguay
Tom Duranti
Len Evens
Tom Ferguson
Jim Gerweck
Bill Grass
David Katz
Tom Knight
Justin Kuo
Glen Lafarlette
Bob Langenbach
Bob Letson
Jim Lewis
A.C. Linnerud
Ken Loveless
Dale Matty
Mark Neal
Wayne Nicoll
Jane Parks
Al Phillips
David Reik
Pete Riegel
Fred Shields
Bob Thurston
Mike Wickiser
Carl Wisser
Jennifer Young
Ken Young

Revision History and Revision Notes of this Manual

First Edition: © 1985 by The Athletics Congress (previous name of USA Track & Field); edited by Ken Young; printed by Electric City Printing Company, Anderson, South Carolina.

Second Edition: © 1989 by The Athletics Congress (previous name of USA Track & Field); edited by Pete Riegel; printed by Electric City Printing Company, Anderson, South Carolina.

Third Edition: © 1999-2013 by USA Track & Field; edited by Bob Baumel; originally posted at, now at; launched June 14, 1999; last revised Feb 20, 2013.

Version 2019.1.001 (present online version): © 2019 by USA Track & Field; edited by Mark Neal.

  • Added to the contributors list.
  • Statement of Requirements section changed to include an additional item about recording the locations of start, finish, etc.
  • Added requirement for two measurements of a calibration course to be within tolerance.
  • Added requirement for tolerance for the difference in rides of the calibration course.
  • Expanded the section on laying out a turn-around and describing it on the certification map.
  • Added Appendix D: Adjusting an Existing Certified Course.
  • Changed the letter of other appendices as needed.
  • Added footer to show manuscript title and revision number.
  • Modified section on Course Maps discussing color requirements and showing measured path requirement.
  • Changed the requirements and the explanation for measuring courses that include unpaved sections.

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