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Andy Bakjian Award Info 


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The USATF National Officials Committee Andy Bakjian Award is given annually to an official that has given outstanding service throughout a career of dedication to the managing of sports and helping to take officiating of athletics to a higher level.

Criteria for Nominations

Criteria for having the name of an official placed in nomination for the Andy Bakjian Award are:

  • Must be a certified USATF official for at least twelve (12) years.

  • Must be a Master Level Official in good standing with the association which they are certified, in good standing with the National Officials Committee and in good standing with USATF.

  • Must have officiated at national championship meets and/or international championship meets.

  • Recognition by peers for excellence and achievement in athletic officiating.

  • Recognition by peers for their betterment and devotion to athletic officiating.

  • The Andy Bakjian Award cannot be a posthumous award.

  • Submitted nominations of current members of the Officials Hall of Fame will not be considered for the Andy Bakjian Award.

Nomination Process

The procedure to nominate an individual for the Andy Bakjian Award is as follows:

  • Nomination forms will be e-mailed to each member of the National Officials Committee on August 1st of each year. They must be returned to the National Officials Committee Vice-Chair of Awards by August 30th. The nomination forms must include the name of the individual being nominated along with a statement as to why this individual should be considered for this award and a brief resume relative to athletics. Include a verification statement of his/her accomplishments.

  • All nominees must endorse the statement of accomplishments to verify the validity of the contents presented by the individual doing the original nomination.

  • Nominations will be valid for three (3) years. The current list of nominees are:

  • 2019

    • Year Two

      • Paul Bodenshot, Pacific Northwest Association

      • Marvin Johnson, New York Association

      • Delores Murray, Southwestern Association

      • Al Owens, Michigan Association

      • Richard Schornstein, Colorado Association

      • Larry J. Seifert, Lake Erie Association

      • Jerry Westfall, Oregon Association

    • Year Three

      • Douglas Allen, Kentucky Association

      • David E. Snyder, Southern California Association

Selection Process

The Andy Bakjian Award winner will be determined by a vote of the National Officials Committee Executive Committee. The winner of the Andy Bakjian Award will be presented at the National Officials Committee “Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet” at the USATF Annual Convention. In addition, the award will be presented during the USATF Awards Breakfast.

  • The N.O.C. Awards Sub-Committee area reps will assist in the solicitation of nominees by canvassing their respective zones through recommendations from other USATF certified officials and association presidents for the Andy Bakjian Award.

  • The N.O.C. Awards Sub-Committee is divided into eleven zones with the committee members serving as the area representative for the assorted associations of USATF that make up each zone.

  • If there are more than ten nominees for the Andy Bakjian Award, their credentials and statements of accomplishments will be sent to the N.O.C. Awards Sub-Committee. By secret ballot, the Awards Sub-Committee will select the ten names to be placed on the final ballot.

  • Finalist will be notified by email.

Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate an official for the Hall of Fame, please see the nomination form linked below and be sure to follow all directions and fill in all requested information.

Click here for the current Nomination Form. This is a fillable PDF form that you will need to save to your computer. Complete the form by tabbing thru the highlighted fields.

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