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Association Outstanding Official Award

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At the USATF Convention in Tampa in 1986, the National Officials Committee instituted the process of issuing a maximum number of annual National Outstanding Official Awards. The number of awards for each association is five percent (5%) of the total National, Master and Emeritus officials in each Association. The individuals in these categories are only eligible for one award in the Olympiad.

The National Outstanding Official Award is for the Association to provide an appreciation to your officials for their dynamic officiating, contributions to the organization and support to the athletes. This award is not to replace any of your local programs but is in addition as this lets the National Officials Committee show support to you and your officials.

This distinguished award is printed on parchment and signed by our National Officials Committee Chair and the National Officials Committee Vice-Chair of Awards and is embossed with the National Officials Committee seal.

On August 1, the National Officials Vice-Chair of Awards will download from the USATF database the number of officials for each respective Association.

The Vice-Chair of Awards will notify all Association Officials Certification Chairs the first week of August via email how many officials from there Association are eligible for awards that particular year. The Association Certification Chair must return the names of the outstanding officials from the Association back to the Vice-Chair of Awards. The Vice-Chair of Awards will prepare the certificates for each Association’s Outstanding Official’s and mail them to the Association Officials Certification Chair. The award will be presented at a time determined by each Association.

Click here to email the Official's Vice Chair of Awards ~ E Scott Rose

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