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Lori Maynard Award


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The Lori Maynard Award is given to the USATF Race Walk Official who best exemplifies the qualities of Lori Maynard; the qualities of a truly dedicated race walk official, organizer and administrator.

The Lori Maynard Award is sponsored by the USATF Race Walk Committee.

Criteria for Nominations

The Lori Maynard Award was established at the Mid-Year National Officials Executive Committee Meeting in 2006. The National Officials Executive Committee established the following criteria to receive the Lori Maynard Award at the Mid-Year Meeting in 2010:

  • Must be a certified USATF race walk event official for at least ten (10) years.

  • Must be a National or Master Level official in good standing with the association which they are certified, in good standing with the National Officials Committee and in good standing with USATF.

  • Recognition by peers for excellence and achievement by an race walk official who has given of themselves for years across the country by serving as a race walk judge, as a race walk official,  as a race walk meet organizer or administrator and going out of their way to help in the development of race walking officials in the USATF organization.

  • Submitted nominations of current members of the Officials Hall of Fame will not be considered for the Lori Maynard Award.

Nomination Process

The procedure to nominate an individual for the Lori Maynard Award is as follows:

  • Nominations for this award are submitted by the USATF Race Walk Committee thru the Lori Maynard Coordinator. The USATF Race Walk Coordinator shall present the nominations of five individuals by August 15 to the National Officials Committee’s Vice Chair of Awards.

  • All nominees must endorse the statement of accomplishments to verify the validity of the contents presented by the individual doing the original nomination.

Selection Process

The Lori Maynard Award winner will be determined by a vote of the National Officials Committee Executive Committee. The winner of the Lori Maynard Award will be presented at the National Officials Committee “Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet” at the USATF Annual Convention.

Finalist will be notified by email.

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