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Sept. 18 Oct. 13 Nov.-Dec.  Dec. 6 Early 2020
Annual application becomes available Annual application and membership fees due Pass a criminal background screen provided by USATF if applicable Attend the USATF Athlete Representative educational seminar , if applicable. USATF will notify Athlete Representatives about their status

Athlete Representatives are required to annually renew with USA Track & Field as an authorized Athlete Representative if representing U.S. athletes. Authorizations are granted in conjunction with the IAAF for a period of four (4) years and are subject to revocation on an annual basis if the requirements of USATF Regulation 25 are not met. If at any time an individual is not authorized by USATF as an Athlete Representative, said individual shall not be registered as a USATF Athlete Representative with the IAAF during that same period.

Please see the annual renewal requirements below.

Athlete Representatives must be authorized by the IAAF as well as USATF. USATF will not endorse IAAF forms unless and until the applicant has been authorized as an Athlete Representative by USATF for the current year.

All applications must be received by the date provided on the current application. A current application will be released in the fall of each year and only a current application will be accepted for authorization (or to maintain authorization) for the following year.

Mail or email completed USATF application forms to:

USATF Authorized Athlete Representative Program
attn: Legal Affairs Coordinator
130 East Washington Street, Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204

For additional information or questions, call Sarah Austin at 317-713-4653 or email

IAAF World Top 30 Lists

USATF is required to report to the IAAF those USATF-authorized Athlete Representatives who represent U.S. athletes ranked in the IAAF World Top 30 lists. Each such Athlete Representative is required to submit the required paperwork to USATF when requested. Those forms will be available with the application each year and due on January 2.

Further, those USATF-authorized Athlete Representatives who represent athletes ranked in the IAAF World Top 30 lists have the opportunity to apply for annual IAAF registration at an additional cost (as determined by the IAAF).


Renewal Requirements
The following are required to renew membership as a USATF-authorized Athlete Representative:

  1. Submit annual application:
    • The application is released in approximately September of each year.
    • The application will be available on this website and will be emailed to everyone on our mailing list as soon as it is released.
    • A current application is required. For current USATF-authorized Athlete Representatives, USATF will accept a signed application noting only updates or changes from the prior year’s application (in lieu of completing the entire application).
  2. Pay the annual application fee/membership dues:
    • The annual application fee will be noted on the application released each year.
    • The application fee and membership dues for 2020 are $850 (which includes the required insurance coverage).
    • Membership benefits include:
      • Access to USATF’s Competition Rules and Elite Athlete Handbook, if applicable.
      • USATF’s quarterly Athlete Representative Newsletter
      • USATF Authorized Athlete Representative ID Card
      • Annual USATF membership
      • USA Indoor Championships - Credential, heat sheets and results, shuttle bus access
      • USA Outdoor Championships (or, if applicable, Olympic Trials) - Credential, heat sheet and results, shuttle bus access
      • Other mailings, if applicable
  3. Obtain professional liability insurance and/or a fidelity bond:
    • Pursuant to IAAF Athlete Regulations, Chapter 6.1 and USATF Regulation 25 governing Athlete Representatives, all USATF-authorized Athlete Representatives must maintain a professional liability policy to adequately cover any risks that may arise from an Athlete Representative’s activities.
    • In an effort to provide a cost effective option for this coverage, USATF has purchased a group professional liability insurance policy in which all USATF-authorized Athlete Representatives are required to participate.
    • The premium for this policy is included in the annual Athlete Representative membership dues.
  4. Pass a criminal background screen as directed by USATF:

    Current USATF-authorized Athlete Representatives must renew their criminal background screen online every two (2) years.

    Convictions for, disclosures of convictions for, and pending dispositions for any of the following crimes, and disclosures for any listed sanctions will prompt a determination that an applicant does not meet the criminal background screening criteria and a red light determination will be issued:

    • Any felony including an element of violence or of a sexual nature regardless of the amount of time since the offense, and any non-violent felony within the past five (5) years.
      • Defined on the basis of exposure for the offense for which the defendant was convicted, pled guilty or pled nolo contendere. If pled down, then the crime to which the defendant ultimately pled.
      • Defined as all crimes punishable by greater than one (1) year in jail or prison, regardless of how characterized by jurisdiction. If range, alternate sentencing, or indeterminate sentencing, outer range >one (1) year.
    • Any lesser crime involving force or threat of force against a person within the last ten (10) years.
    • Any crime in which sexual relations is an element, including “victimless” crimes of a sexual nature (including, but not limited to, pornography, lewd conduct, and indecent exposure) within the last ten (10) years.
    • Any lesser crime involving controlled substances (not paraphernalia or alcohol) within the last five (5) years.
    • Any lesser crime involving cruelty to animals within the last ten (10) years.
    • Any sex offender registrant.
    • Any crime involving financial misappropriation including, but not limited, to embezzlement, fraud, extortion, and theft within the last ten (10) years.
    • Any individual that is currently not in good standing (sanctioned) with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) or who has received a sanction by USADA within the last ten (10) years.
  5. SafeSport
    • In order to be authorized for 2020 you must complete the U.S. Center for SafeSport Core Training.
    • For the safety of our athletes, particularly our youth athletes, USA Track & Field has committed to providing a safe enviornment in which our athletes compete and train. We believe this is paramount to the success of all our programs. All USATF authorized Athlete Representatives are required to complete the U.S. Center for SafeSport Core Training.
    • The U.S. Center for SafeSport Core Training can be found here.
  6. Attend at least one USATF Athlete Representative educational seminar each year:
    • There are NO exceptions to this requirement. Whether you are hoping to be authorized for the first time in the following year, or if you have been authorized for 10 years, you MUST attend a USATF educational seminar every year.
  7. Attend one (1) IAAF Education Seminar every four (4) years:
    • There are NO exceptions to this requirement
  8. Must maintain IAAF Authorization at all times:
    • It is the responsibility of authorized Athlete Representatives to abide by all IAAF policies and procedures, including the IAAF Athletes' Representative Regulations, in order to maintain IAAF Authorization at all times.

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