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Elite Development Clubs - FAQ

When did the EDC program begin?

The EDC program was initiated in the spring of 2004 when over a dozen clubs were selected into the program.

What is USATF looking for in a club candidate for EDC designation?

The Elite Development Club (EDC) Program is aimed at creating a geographically comprehensive network of high-quality, year-round, club-based training environments that serve the needs of developing "open" athletes where they live. Clubs whose philosophy includes a commitment to the development of highly competitive "open" athletes and teams, clubs that have the resources to support such athletes and teams, and clubs with a recent history of success in USATF regional and national open championships are good candidates. With the aim of national geographic coverage in mind, clubs with the aforementioned credentials that are located in areas not currently served by an EDC have an excellent chance of receiving the designation.

Can there be more than one EDC in the same geographic area or population center?

Yes. Large metropolitan areas with high concentrations of talented athletes, strong clubs, and substantial club resources can support multiple EDCs within a relatively small geographic area. However, USATF is aware of the need to protect successful EDCs in small and medium-sized population areas from the dilution of resources and athletes that can result from EDC saturation.

When can clubs apply for EDC designation?

Clubs can apply for EDC designation at any time. Submitted applications will be reviewed periodically throughout the year.

Why is there an application fee?

Clubs applying for the designation of Elite Development Club are required to pay a non-refundable $100 application fee for several reasons. The primary reason for the application fee is to help to offset the costs associated with administrating the EDC Program. In addition, requiring an application fee helps to limit applicants to clubs that are truly serious about seeking the designation and have the resources to be EDC.

For how long is the designation valid?

EDC designations expire at the end of each Olympic quadrennium.

Do EDCs have to re-apply and pay the application fee every four years?

Yes. Even those current Elite Development Clubs with stellar records of success in the most recent Olympic quadrennium are required to re-apply and pay an application fee in order to be considered for re-designation as an EDC during the next quadrennium.

Can a club have its EDC designation revoked within the current quadrennium?

Yes, USATF may revoke the EDC designation. Reasons for revoking the designation include, but are not limited to: failure to comply with the USATF membership requirements; failure to adhere to USATF competition rules and operating regulations; or violation of municipal, state, or federal laws.

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