Janay DeLoach Soukup

Janay DeLoach Soukup

Event: Long Jump
Height: 5-5
Weight: 130
PR: 7.03m/23-0.75 (2012)
Born: 10/12/1985
Current Residence: Fort Collins, Colo.
Hometown: Fort Collins, Colo.
High School: Ben Eielson H.S. (Eielson AFB, Alaska)
College: Colorado State ‘08
Coach: Tim Cawley
Agent: Paul Doyle

USATF Championships
Three-time USA Indoor champion - 2011 (6.99m/22-11.25); 2012 (6.89m/22-7.25); 2014 (6.80m/23-3.75)
2013 USA Outdoor champion (6.89m/22-7.25)
2014 USA Indoor 60mH runner-up (7.82)
2011 USA Outdoor runner-up (6.97m/22-10.5)
3rd at 2012 Olympic Trials (7.08m/23-2.75)  
3rd at 2015 USATF Outdoor Championship (6.95m/22-9.75)

International Championships
2012 Olympic Games bronze medalist (6.89m/22-7.25)
2012 World Indoor runner-up (6.98m/22-10.75)

About Janay
DeLoach admits that she had a bit of a culture shock when she went to college at Colorado State after her high school career at Elison AFB in Alaska. DeLoach’s high school team would only compete in a handful of meets each year, sometimes as few as only two. DeLoach dabbled in many areas as her school’s top basketball scorer and even a cheerleader. During DeLoach’s freshman campaign at CSU, she says that she was mainly competing for the scholarship money, but didn’t love the sport. It wasn’t until her sophomore year when she went to a meet at Cal Berkley and competed against Olympian Grace Upshaw that she not only realized she had a future in the sport, but also fell in love with the long jump. The 2012 season saw DeLoach become an Olympian and win a bronze medal by just 1 centimeter. In 2013 DeLoach earned her first USA Outdoor Championship with a leap of 6.89m/22-7.25. DeLoach has gotten off to a fast start in 2014, claiming her third Indoor national title in the long jump to go along with a runner-up finish in the 60mH. DeLoach met her husband, Patrick Soukup, while both were competing for Colorado State’s track and field team. Deloach received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and human development and is pursuing her master’s degree in occupational therapy.

Events & Rankings:Other Results
 2nd at USA Indoors (7.82); 5th at World Indoors (7.90); 7th at Nike Prefontaine Classic long jump (6.41m/21-0.5); 9th in Oslo long jump (6.19m/20-3.75);10th at USA Outdoors long jump (6.22m/20-5) 
2013: 11th at World Outdoors (6.44m/21-1.5); 6th at London (6.29m/20-7.75); 1st at USA Outdoor (6.89m/22-7.25); 2nd at Rome (6.97m/22-10.5); 1st at adidas Grand Prix (6.79m/22-3.5); 3rd in Doha (7.08m/23-3.75); 1st at USA Indoor LJ (6.80m/), 3rd 60mH (8.00); 1st at Millrose Games (6.90m/22-7.75); 1st at New Balance Grand Prix 60mH (7.97)
2012: 3rd at Budapest (6.63m/21-9); 3rd at Stockholm (6.69m/21-11.50); 3rd at Olympic Games (6.89m/22-7.25); 3rd at Olympic Trials (7.08m/23-2.75); 3rd at Oslo (6.78m/ 22-3); 3rd at Eugene (6.71m/22-0.5); 1st at Shanghai (6.73m/ 22-1); 1st at Daegu (6.79m/ 22-3.5); 1st at Kansas Relays (6.61m/21-8.25); 2nd at World Indoors (6.98m/22-10.75); 1st at USA Indoors (6.89m/22-7.25); 1st at USATF Classic (6.83m/22-5.00)
2011: 6th at Zurich (6.53m/21-05.25); 6th at IAAF World Championships (6.56m/21-06.25); 7th at Monaco (6.62m/21-08.75); 1st at Birmingham (6.78m/22-03.00); 2nd at USA Outdoors (6.97m/22-10.5); 2nd at NY adidas Grand Prix (6.41m/21-00.50); 1st at USA Indoors (6.99m/22-11.25)
2010: 1st at Mt. SAC (6.44m/21-1.5); 5th at USA Indoors (6.57m/21-6.75)
2009: 1st at Boston Indoor Games (6.33m/20-9.25); limited outdoor competition
2008: 21std in qualifying round at Olympic Trials (5.98m/19-7.5); 6th at NCAA Outdoors (6.48m/21-3.25)
2007: 10th at Pan Ams (6.04m/19-9.75);  7th at USA Outdoors(6.41m/21-0.5); 6th at NCAA Outdoors (6.42m/21-0.75); 1st at Mountain West Conference (6.26m/20-6.5); 5th at NCAA Indoors (6.33m/20-9.25); 1st at Mountain West Conference Indoors (6.28m/20-7.25)
2006: 1st at mountain West Conference Indoors (6.11m/20-0.5); did not compete outdoors
2005: 12th at USA Outdoors (6.14m/20-1.75); 2nd at Mountain West Conference (6.01m/19-8.75)
2004: 2nd at Mountain West Conference Outdoors (6.05m/19-10.25); 2nd at Mountain West Conference Indoors (6.14m/20-1.75)

USA/World Rankings and Personal Bests
Indoor bests - 60m Hurdles (7.82); Shot put (13.44m/44-1.25); High jump (1.57m/5-1.75); Long jump (6.53m/21-5.25); Outdoor bests - 100m Hurdles (13.00); High jump (1.48m/4-10.25); Long jump (6.41m/21-0.5)
2013: Indoor bests - 60m Hurdles, 7.97 (No. 5 in the USA, No. 12 in the World); Long Jump, 6.90/22-7¾ (No. 1 in the USA, No. 3 in the World); Outdoor bests - 100mH, 12.97 (No. 22 in the USA); Long Jump, 6.99/22-11¼ (No. 3 in the USA, No. 7 in the World, No. 7 in the World by T&FN) 
2012: Indoor best - 6.98m/22-10.75(No 2 in the USA, No. 2 in the world); Outdoor best - 7.08m/23-2.75 (No. 2 in the USA. No. 2 in the World, ranked No. 3 in the world by T&FN)
2011: Indoor best – 6.99m/22-11.25 (No. 1  in the USA, No. 1 in the World);  Outdoor best –  6.97m/22010.5 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 4 in the World, ranked No. 5 in the world by T&FN) 
2010: Indoor best – 6.57m/21-6.75 (No. 6 in the USA, No. 25 in the World); Outdoor best –  6.61m/21-8.25 (No. 10 in the USA)
2009: Indoor best – 6.33m/20-9.25 (No. 17 in the USA); Outdoor best – 6.04m/19-9.75
2008: Indoor best – 6.28m/20-7.25; Outdoor best – 6.48m/21-3.25
2007: Indoor best – 6.33m/20-9.25 (No. 5 in the USA); Outdoor best – 6.41m/21-0.50
2006: Indoor best – 6.42m/21-0.75 (No. 28 in the USA)
2005: Indoor best – 6.09m/19-11.75; Outdoor best – 6.27m/20-7.0
2004: Indoor best – 6.14m/20-1.75; Outdoor best – 6.05m/19-10.25