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Junior Clinic - Bar Harbor, ME


Junior Clinic - Chula Vista, CA
Clinician - Vince Peters
Laura Richenderfer (University of Rochester)
Carly Lochala (Maine HS)
Jennifer Reekie (Missouri)


Junior Development Report - 7/17/2003
Maryanne Torellas

For the first time, the Women's Junior Elite Training Camp welcomed racewalking. The Camp was held at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA from June to. The top three Jr. girls, Erica Adams, Dana Vered and Tina Peters from the Penn Relays were selected to attend with their coaches. We were very fortunate to have Ian Whitely and Enrique Pena serve as clinicians. They took time out of their busy schedules to do an excellent job according to the camp director, Lyle Knudson. I'm sure the athletes benefited from their expertise.

From Clinician Ian Whitely:

Camp consisted of lectures mixed with track work. The lectures laid out the basic principles, physiology, technique, nutrition, psychology, goal setting and program building for RW. The track sessions allowed filming for analysis and provided an introductory session of various new types of training. The athletes also underwent lab tests and an intro to strength training.

The onsite walkers were great, spending time with the young athletes and offering useful advice and encouragement. Coach Pena kindly reviewed the walker's technique and offered several very useful directions for them to improve their efficiency.

One idea of great value came up at the camp. A big problem for technique learning at ALL levels is a lack of tape of top walkers for RWers to view; starting up or more advanced walkers looking to perfect their form. Lyle has the editing resources to compile clips of top walkers from archived tapes. I have some World Cup and Olympic footage that can be used and I suspect we can find many more odd tapes amongst the top walkers. The idea would be to edit sections of walkers with great form into a single tape as reference teaching material. It would be none profit and only for teaching to avoid copyright problems.

I think it would be a great tool for coaches who either don't know what RW should look like or who are trying to make fine changes to experienced walkers technique. When my travel gets quiet (if ever!) I'll try to write up a proposal to get this done.

Jr. National Racewalk Camp

From Maryanne Torellas:

As some of you know, we had to cancel the Junior National Racewalking camp (we only had six kids turn in their applications and two of those were uncertain). In an effort to have at least something valuable for the local Juniors, we thought of having a weekend workshop. This is not a short camp, this is just Connecticut Racewalkers hosting this group activity. Our limited space would necessitate a small group of up to 12, at most possibly 15. All are welcome to stay at my house in Clinton, CT. The workshop will take place Aug 2-3 in Branford, CT at Diana's and Richard's house. Contact me at for more details.


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