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Juniors/Youth Race Walking

Juniors/Youth Race Walking
Juniors Race Walking in the USA is governed by Race Walking Executive Committee. The goal is to provide venues and opportunities for developing young Race Walkers so that they may continue to improve and compete. To that end the USA Race Walking Executive Committee oversees the Junior Programs. The members are:
Chair: John Nunn
Vice Chair: Diane Henry - 773-327-4493
Secretary: Edwin Richardson - 267-686-6769
Treasurer: Raymond Funkhouser - 804-438-6192
Past Chair: Ron Daniel - 860-669-9008
At Large Member: Katie Burnett - 425-802-6782
At Large Member: Jo Burrows - 336-288-1831
At Large Member: Maryanne Daniel - 860-669-2440
At Large Member: Patricia Hanna - 314-808-2728
At Large Member: Gary Westerfield - 631-979-9603
Appointed Member: Anthony Garcia - 619-592-2929
Appointed Member: Richard Robert - 949-390-3754
Appointed Member: Dave Talcott - 607-354-6073
Athlete Representative: Maria Michta-Coffey - 631-585-3147
Athlete Representative: Solomiya Login
Parliamentatian: Dan Pierce - 303-931-4690
As stated before, the committee oversees Juniors Race Walking competitions and establishes the events to be competed in for the USA Juniors Race Walking Grand Prix - Event Results. Rules may be found here.

Up to date Grand Prix standings - Click Here

The committee selects an Outstanding Male and Female Junior Race Walker of the Year, the Henry Laskau Award (

USA Track and Field has the official records for Juniors. The USATF Junior Race Walk Records coordinator is Justin Kuo (, 617-731-9889 Junior Race Walk Records Questions and applications for records should be submitted to him. The current records are:


Juniors/Youth Race Walking

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