Marc Davis


Events: Steeplechase, 5000m, 3000m

Height: 6-1

Weight: 150

PRs: 5000m: 13:32.58 (1989); Steeple: 8:14.26 (1993)

Born: December 17, 1969, Oceanside, Calif.

Current Residence: Boulder, Co.

High School: San Diego, Calif. '87

College: Arizona '92

Coach: Mark Wetmore

Agent: Brad Hunt

Career Highlights: 1996 Olympian; 7th at 1998 World Cross Country Champs; 1998 U.S. Outdoor 5,000 champion; 1993 U.S. steeplechase champion; 1994 Goodwill Games champion; 1992 NCAA steeple champion; 1989 NCAA 5,000 champion.

One of the more flamboyant personalities of track & field, the much-tattooed Davis is pursuing his second Olympic berthDavis beat the city champion in his first high school cross country race and has been running ever since. In 1994-95 he was troubled by a series of serious injuries caused by plantar fascitis, and under the guidance of former marathon great Alberto Salazar, began a regimen of cross training. He bounced back to win his Olympic Games semifinal in 1996 with a flourish, waving to the crowd but ran the final with ankle pain, which turned out to be a stress fracture. A versatile runner, he finished his 1998 USA title 5000 race with a 55.9-second last lapcurrently works as a DJ, entertaining at parties, weddings, and clubs and also is dabbling in sports management says he would like to take a good shot at the American record in the steeplehas had an offer from a Japanese corporation to move to Japan and compete on the company teamearned a degree in child psychology at Arizona.

2000: Fourth at USA Indoor Champs 3000m (7:59.84).

1999: 11th in steeple at USA Outdoors (8:43.48) best of 8:38.42

1998: Won 5,000 at USA Outdoors (13:40.62)6th in Goodwill Games 5,000 (13:50.84)2nd at USA 4K XC Trials2nd in USA Indoor 3000 (7:50.68)7th in World Cross Country 4K Champs2nd in 3000 at Rio GP (7:47.70)ranked #2 in U.S. at 5000 by T&FN; #4 U.S. at 3000best of 8:38.42.

1997: 2nd in USA Indoor 3000 (7:55.00)14th in heat at World Indoors (8:20.37)4th in USA Outdoors (8:24.28)ranked #2 in U.S. in steeple by T&FN, #4 U.S. in 3000, #5 U.S. in 1500 best of 8:17.61 (steeple) and 3:54.30 (mile).

1996: 3rd in Olympic Trials steeple (8:20.73)12th in Olympic Games (9:51.96, after 8:26.76 semi)ranked #2 in U.S. in steeple by T&FN bests of 13:39.71 5000 and 8:20.73 (steeple).

1995: Did not compete.

1994: 2nd at USA Outdoors (8:30.86)won Goodwill Games steeple (8:14.30)ranked #2 in U.S. in steeple by T&FN, #4 U.S. in 3000, #6 U.S. in 1500 best of 8:14.30 (steeple) and 3:36.31 (1500).

1993: Won USA Outdoors (8:20.93)11th at World Champs (8:28.74)5th in USA Indoor 3000 (7:50.67)ranked #2 in U.S. in steeple by T&FN, #7 U.S. in 1500best of 8:14.26 (steeple).

1992: NCAA steeple champion (8:36.79)2nd in NCAA Indoor 5000 (13:45.18) 14th in steeple semis at Olympic Trials (9:23.15, fell) bests of 13:45.18 and 8:33.93 (steeple).

1991: 10th in NCAA 5000 (14:24.53) bests of 13:45.3. and 8:43.79 (steeple).

1990: Did not compete in trackdid not finish NCAA XC.

1989: Won NCAA 5000 (14:07.88)ranked #7 in U.S. in 5000 by T&FN best of 13:32.58.

1988: Bests of 14:22.6 and 9:12.6 (steeple).

1987: 4th at USA Junior XC Trials40th at World Junior XC Champsbroke his foot during his senior track season, and was not able to run in the California state HS championships best of 9:31.26 (steeple), also 4:13.58 (1600) and 8:55.21 (3200m).

1986: Kinney (FootLocker) national HS XC champion best of 9:24.5 (steeple).

1985: 8th in Kinney (FootLocker) national HS XC.