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About the Bidding Process

National Championships of USATF may be conducted by the sport committee or council concerned, by USATF, or may be awarded to a sponsoring organization in conformity with USATF Regulations and according to any contractual agreement between such organization and USATF. USATF Championships are generally awarded at the USATF Annual Meeting which is held in December of each year. (Note: Bid Applications are due for submission well in advance of the Annual Meeting--see #5 below.)

  1. Distribution of bid application

    For those Championships that will be awarded to a local organization, an application form is prepared and provided by the National Office to any prospective bidder and to all Associations. The application form solicits information relevant to the necessary requirements for conducting a National Championships event, such as:
    1. the prior experience of the proposed Championships management team;
    2. the fiscal ability of the bidder to fund the Championships;
    3. whether the local community is providing support and assistance for the Championships;
    4. whether adequate transportation, housing, meals and, where relevant, prize funds will be made available to athletes competing in the Championships;
    5. whether USATF officials certified at the "national" or "masters" level will be used to officiate the Championships;
    6. whether adequate transportation, housing and meals will be made available to officials working/volunteering at the Championships and other information relevant to the ability of the bidder to conduct the Championships.
  2. Notification of championships available

    The National Office, in conjunction with the sports committees, compiles a list of all Championship events available to be awarded at the Annual Meeting and circulates the list to appropriate parties, including the media. This information is also included in appropriate USATF publications and on the USATF web site.
  3. Formulation of bid

    Bids shall be formulated at the local Association level. The role of the local Association must be clearly stated in the bid application. If an applicant intends to assign part of its responsibilities to another entity, this intention must be stated in the application. When the bid provides for profit-sharing or minimum guarantees, an itemized budget must be submitted with the application. Bids involving one or more championship categories or more than one sport committee (joint bids) shall state whether or not they are contingent upon approval of all parties.
  4. Association sign-off

    That part of the bid application which sets forth the role of the local Association shall be furnished to the Association prior to the submission of the bid application. An acknowledgment of the Association's receipt of the part of the application pertaining to the Association's role shall be submitted with the bid. The bid application will not be considered by the relevant sport committee(s) without such an acknowledgment, unless the bid is furnished with a satisfactory explanation for its absence.
  5. Submission of bid

    Copies of the completed bid application must be returned to the National Office and to the chair(s) of relevant sport committee(s), or their designees, generally no later than July 1st of the year that the event will be awarded at the Annual Meeting. For Youth Athletics Championships, bids must be returned no later than July 1. For race walk events, the applications are due sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting at which the sport committee considers the applications.
  6. Presentation at meetings

    Presentation by or on behalf of each bid application shall be made at a regular meeting of the sport committee or a duly appointed subcommittee. (In most cases, this meeting will take place at the USATF Annual Meeting). The role of the local Association, any assignment of responsibilities to another entity, and any provisions for profit-sharing or minimum guarantees shall be stated as part of the presentation.
  7. Award method

    Upon approval by the concerned sport committee(s), after consultation with National Office, the Championship event(s) shall be duly awarded. The awardee must evidence its assumption of all financial and operating responsibilities for the event awarded by executing a Bid Award Letter Agreement. (Click here for a sample Bid Award Letter) Joint bids shall not be contingent upon approval of all parties, unless specified by the applicant.
  8. Unawarded championships

    If bids are not awarded for certain events at the USA Track & Field Annual Meeting, the sport committee can empower the USATF National Office or the relevant championships subcommittee to make such award contingent upon the approval of the sport committee chair, USATF President or CEO.
  9. Contract

    The Championship contract or Bid Award Agreement shall include the legal and financial obligations and responsibilities of all the parties and shall be approved and signed by USATF, the Sport Committee or Council Chair, and the awardee. An operating addendum shall be part of the championship contract, and shall include a list of the parties responsible for equipment, facilities, personnel, clerical work, and other matters relating to the conduct of the championship not specified in the championship contract, and if the awardee is other than an Association, the services to be provided by the Association, together with the fees to be paid by the awardee to the Association for providing the services and sanctioning the event; and shall be signed by the signatories as the championship contract. Prior to approval by the parties, the Chief Executive Officer of USATF may make such changes in the Championship contract or Bid Award Agreement as he or she deems necessary for the protection of the interests of USATF.
  10. Withdrawal and/or reassignment

    Unless the championship contract or Bid Award Agreement and operating addendum have been executed at least one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the championship(s), or as otherwise determined by USATF, the award may be withdrawn by the Board of Directors upon the request of the appropriate sport committee(s). The award of a championship may be cancelled by USATF or by a ninety percent (90%) vote of the Board of Directors for due cause and, upon reasonable notice, the award may be made to another awardee. If necessary, a championship event may be reassigned to another awardee with approval of the Board of Directors and the Association involved. A Championship awarded to an Association shall not be transferred from that Association without its consent or the approval of the Board of Directors, or of a subcommittee appointed by the President for this function. If such transfer is made, the original awardee shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred, unless negligence can be shown.
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