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Tips on Bidding for a National Championship

  1. Determine the scope of the bid - The scope, essential characteristics and requirements for staging successful USA National Championship events vary greatly. Some championships are part of a larger existing event, while others are stand alone events organized entirely from scratch. Some are large sports and entertainment productions that feature Olympic-caliber athletes, are televised internationally, and pay varying prize purses to the winning athletes, while others are smaller intimate events.
  2. Decide which championship(s) to bid for - It may be possible to bid for more than one Championship at a time. If this is your first time bidding for a National Championship, and your organization has never conducted a major track & field or road racing competition, we recommend that you consider bidding on a smaller Championship in order to gain experience.
  3. Contact your local Association of USA Track & Field - USA Track & Field is geographically divided into 57 local Associations, all of which conduct local track & field activities in their respective geographic areas. These USATF Associations are experts in conducting local, and in some instances, national-level competitions and may have many of the answers to your questions. We encourage you to work closely with your local USATF Association.
  4. Consider any special requirements - Depending on the type of National Championship event you are bidding for, there will be special requirements and considerations. For example, the Youth Track & Field Championships have an anticipated competition pool of over 3,000 athletes. Weather conditions are always a consideration for outdoor Championships and special attention is paid to scheduling of long distance races. Some Championships may require a rights fee and/or minimum prize purse. We recommend that you consult the appropriate USATF Sports Committee Chairperson or the USATF Director of Special Events at the National Office at (317) 261-0500 for assistance with these important requirements and considerations.
  5. Contact persons with knowledge and expertise - Please feel free to contact any of the national officers - all of whom have had experience with Championships - or the appropriate USATF National Office staff, for assistance with your bid.
  6. Minority Participation - It is the policy of USATF to encourage the use of Minority Business Enterprises ("MBE"s"). The purpose of this program is to promote full and equal business opportunities for MBE's in bid contracting for championship events in accordance with the goals outlined at USATF's Annual Meeting. USATF serves a racially, culturally, socio-economically and otherwise diverse constituency. The organization seeks to create meaningful opportunities for participation of women, racial and ethnic minorities, and persons with disabilities, as well as encourage their participation in all its activities.

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