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Otto Essig Award

Otto Essig (1906-2005)

Otto Essig was a long distance running participant and for many years a financial contributor to USATF Masters Long Distance Running. His "over and above" financial support enabled Masters LDR to engage in special projects on behalf of our sport. He is immortalized in the most prestigious award given annually by Masters LDR - the Otto Essig Award for meritorious service to Masters Long Distance Running. The award was first given in 1977 to two recipients - Otto Essig and Ruth Anderson. Masters LDR will be reminded of Otto's generosity and involvement each year at the annual meeting when committee members nominate and vote on recipients of the award in his name.

2017 Colleen Magnussen, Mike Neir,
and Przemyslaw Nowicki
2016 Marian Lein
2015 Paul Carlin and Lloyd Hansen
2014 Madeline Bost
2013 Tom Bernhard
2012 Bill Quinlisk
2011 Norman Green
2010 Lee Ann Meyer
2009 David Katz and David Oja
2008 Mary Rosado
2007 Don & Marian Lein
2006 Don Lein
2005 Twin Cities Marathon
2004 Alan Jones
2003 George Regan
2002 Jerry Crockett
2001 Jerry Crockett
2000 George Kleeman
1999 John R. Kelley
1998 Indy Life Insurance
1997 Ryan Lamppa
1996 Basil & Linda Honikman
1995 John Boyle
1994 Jerry Crockett
1993 Charles DesJardins
1992 Kirk Randall
1991 Bill Shrader
1990 Rev. Norman Green
1989 George Vernosky
1988 Phil Benson
1987 Charles DesJardins
1986 Ken Young & Jennifer Hesketh-Young
1985 Bob Boal, Nate & Evelyn White
1984 Jack Moran & Carole Langenbach
1983 Tony Diamond
1982 Dick Kendall & Maryanne McBrayer
1981 Bill Shrader
1980 Bob Fine
1979 Tony Diamond
1978 Ed Barron & Pat Bessel
1977 Otto Essig & Ruth Anderson

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