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Masters Ultrarunners of the Year Award

Year Masters Male Masters Female
2012 Roy Pirrung Connie Gardner
2011 Chad Ricklefs and Mark Godale Connie Gardner
2010 Scott Dunlap Meghan Arbogast
2009 Roy Pirrung Anita Ortiz
2008 Simon Gutierrez Laura Haefeli
2007 Roy Pirrung Beverly Anderson-Abbs
2006 none none
2005 William Emerson Tania Pacev
2004 none none
2003 John Geesler Pam Reed
2002 Roy Pirrung Ann Trason
2001 Rudy Afanador Sue Ellen Trapp
2000 Jim Garcia Sue Olsen
1999 Eric Clifton Suzanna Brana
1998 Ray Piva Sue Olsen
1997 Kevin Setnes Sue Ellen Trapp
1996 Kevin Setnes Sue Ellen Trapp
1995 Kevin Setnes Theresa Daus Weber


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