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Mountain Runners of the Year

Year Open Male Open Female Masters Male Masters Female
2013 Joseph Gray Stevie Kremer Todd Callaghan Magdalena Lewy-Boulet
2012 Sage Canaday Morgan Arritola Dave Dunham Laura Haefeli
2011 Max King Kasie Enman Tim Van Orden Jacqueline Shakar
2010 Joseph Gray Kristin Price Tim Van Orden Nicole Hunt
2009 Joseph Gray Brandy Erholtz Dave Dunham Laura Haefeli
2008 Joseph Gray Brandy Erholtz Simon Gutierrez Laura Haefeli
2007 Ricky Gates Christine Lundy Simon Gutierrez Anita Ortiz
2006 Simon Gutierrez Nicole Hunt Simon Gutierrez Lisa Goldsmith
2005 Simon Gutierrez Laura Haefeli Bernie Boettcher Lisa Goldsmith
2004 Paul Low Laura Haefeli Andy Ames Anita Ortiz
2003 Paul Low Anita Ortiz Bernie Boettcher Kari DiStefano
2002 Paul Low Anita Ortiz Craig Fram Kari DiStefano
2001 Eric Morse  Kari DiStefano    
2000 Dave Dunham Cindy O'Neill    
1999 Matt Carpenter Danelle Ballengee    


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