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Masters Athletes of the Year

This award is presented to the outstanding Masters male and female track and field athletes, both for an outstanding year and for achieving the most outstanding single performance in an event in track or field during the year.

*- denotes athletes also receiving the Overall Masters Athlete of the year award
The Overall Masters Athlete of the Year award was established in 2004 to recognize the outstanding performance by a 40-and-over athlete during the previous twelve months.

Year Male Athlete Male Performance Female Athlete Female Performance
2014 Tom McCormack   Sabra Harvey  
2013 Brian Pilcher Brian Pilcher    
2012     Jeanne Daprano  
2011     Christine Kennedy  
2010 Ralph Maxwell, Nolan Shaheed none Oneithea (Nini) Lewis* none
2009 none none Colleen De Reuck* none
2008 Nolan Shaheed none Phil Raschker none
2007 Nolan Shaheed none Alisa Harvey none
2006 Bill Collins Trent Lane Nadine O'Connor Nadine O'Connor
2005 Emil Pawlik* Mel Larsen Nadine O'Connor Oneithea (Nini) Lewis
2004 Rod Parker Rod Parker Kathryn Martin* Nadine O'Connor
2003 Bill Collins Bob Ward Leonore McDaniels Oneithea Lewis
2002 Larry Colbert Hal Smith Phil Raschker Oneithea Lewis
2001 Nolan Shaheed Lad Pataki Johnnye Valien Vanessa Hilliard
2000 Jim Stookey Johnny Gray Phil Raschker Oneithea Lewis
1999 Mel Larsen Mel Larsen Phil Raschker Irene Obera
1998 Jim Stookey Larry Stuart Leonore McDaniels Leslie Lehane
1997 Bill Collins Glen Conley Phil Raschker Vanessa Hilliard
1996 Jim Stookey Walt Butler Mary Libal Vanessa Hilliard
1995 Steve Robbins Jim Barrineau Phil Raschker Mary Libal
1994 Ross Carter Ross Carter Phil Raschker Phil Raschker
1993 Phil Mulkey Phil Mulkey Phil Raschker none
1992 Stan Whitley Payton Jordan Shirley Matson, Phil Raschker Shirley Matson
1991 Jack Greenwood Payton Jordan, Jack Greenwood Betty Vosburgh Phil Raschker
1990 Larry Almberg Larry Almberg Christel Miller, Phil Raschker none
1989 Jack Greenwood Al Oerter Phil Raschker none
1988 Gary Miller, Stan Whitley Larry Stuart Phil Raschker none
1987 Tom Patsalis John Powell Phil Raschker none
1986 Jack Greenwood Jack Greenwood Christel Miller none
1985 Jim Burnet none Polly Clarke none
1984 Ed Burke, Parry O'Brien none Irene Obera none
1983 Jack Greenwood none Polly Clarke none
1982 Al Oerter none Phil Raschker none
1981 Jim Burnett none Judy Fox none
1980 Al Oerter none Jo Ann Grissom none
1979 Ernie Billups none Irene Obera none
1978 George Kerr none none none

2005 Emil Pawlek*
  A 66-year-old amiable oilman from Jackson, Miss., Emil Pawlik had great success on the masters scene in 2005. At the USA Masters Outdoor Championships in Hawaii, Pawlik grabbed four titles in the M65 age division. He scored the most points in all of the age divisions to win the pentathlon with 4,023 points. He won the 100m hurdles in 16.19 seconds, the long jump with a leap of 4.84 meters/15 feet, 10.5 inches and cleared 1.50m/6 feet, 5 inches to win the high jump. During the indoor season, Pawlik won the titles in the M65 high jump (1.40m/4-7), the long jump (4.76m/15-7.5), 60m hurdles (9.86) and he scored the most points (4,401) by any male in the pentathlon. At the WMA World Championships in San Sebastian , Spain, Emil won the M65 Decathlon with a new world record of 7,909 points, and won gold in the 100m hurdles in an American record time of 15.81 seconds.
2004 Kathryn Martin*
  Martin had an outstanding season record, encompassing four major areas of masters competition indoor track, outdoor track, road running, and cross country running. She set four American age record en route (800m, 1500m, 3000m, and 10,000m), won three national championships indoors, and three more outdoors.


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