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Cross Country Masters Harriers of the Year

A list of nominees shall be presented to the Cross Country Council by the Masters Cross Country Representative and at the Annual Meeting of USATF, the Cross Country Council shall select one male and one female athlete to receive the USATF Cross Country Masters Harriers of the Year Award for the defined award year. This award is open to all USATF member Master athletes (ages 40+) who have competed in at least one of the USATF National Master Cross Country Championships in the defined award year. The award year shall be defined as that period of time between Annual Meetings of USATF. Selection shall be based on the age-graded results of all the USATF National Master Cross Country Championships held between USATF Annual Meetings. Results from other WMA World and Regional Cross Country Championships and USATF Regional Cross Country Championships may be considered at the discretion of the Cross Country Council. Care must be taken when considering age-graded results to compare each championship race as a separate event and not to rate one race’s results against another due to differences in conditions (i.e., terrain, accuracy of measurement, weather, etc.).

Year Male Winner Female Winner
2017 John Barbour & Nat Larson Marisa Sutera-Strange
2016 Rick Becker Kathryn Martin
2015 Peter Magill Kathryn Martin
2014 Simon Gutierrez Kathryn Martin
2013 Peter Magill & Ray Pugsley Carmen Ayala-Troncoso
2012 Matt Ebiner Kathryn Martin
2011 Peter Magill  Kathryn Martin
2010 Rick Becker Carmen Ayela-Troncoso
2009 Simon Gutierrez Carmen Ayela-Troncoso
2008 Peter Magill Kathryn Martin
2007 Peter Magill Kathryn Martin
2006 David O'Keeffe Kathryn Martin
2005 David O'Keeffe Carmen Ayala-Troncoso
2004 Tom Dalton Kathryn Martin
2003 Tom Dalton & Robert Winn Kathryn Martin & Shirley Matson
2002 Tom Dalton Kathryn Martin
2001 Tom Dalton Carolyn Smith-Hanna & Joan Ottaway
2000 Tom Dalton Carolyn Smith-Hanna

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