Meredith Rainey-Valmon


Event: 800m

Height: 5-6

Weight: 120

PRs: 800m: 1:57.04 (1996)

Born: October 15, 1968, in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Current Residence: Silver Spring, Md.

High School: St. Ann's HS (Brooklyn, N.Y.) '86

College: Harvard '90

Coach: Andrew Valmon

Agent: Cubie Seegobin

Club: Reebok Enclave

Career Highlights: 2-time Olympian ('92, '96); 5th at 1993 World Champs; 4th at 1999 World Indoor Champs; 3-time U.S. Outdoor champion ('90, '95, '96); 4-time U.S. Indoor champion; 1995 Pan Am Games champion; 1989 NCAA Outdoor champion; 1990 NCAA Indoor champion.

An age-group track star for Fred Thompson's Atoms Club in New York City, Rainey Valmon (no hyphen) quit track in seventh grade to concentrate on her studies. She didn't return until she was a student at Harvard and found herself bored in her spare time. She ended the tedium by walking on to the Harvard team. Rainey graduated cum laude from Harvard with degree in social studies and has worked on an MBA in between training. She married former 400m star Andrew Valmon just before the 1996 Olympic Trials and he is now coaching her full-time. The couple's first son, Travis, was born in July 1997 and has had an effect on Rainey's training: "The training is not so much different, but it's more consistent. Having Travis has helped me mature. Time now is so precious. I want to make the most of the years I have left in the sport. I don't want to waste any more seasons. I have resolved to do everything I can to be the best that I can."

1999: Won USA Indoors 4th at World Indoors 2nd at USA Outdoors (2:00.36)3rd in heats at World Champs (2:00.86) 3 at Pan Am Games (2:01.51) ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FNbest of 1:58.96.

1998: 3rd at USA Indoors (1:59.29)4th at Goodwill Games (2:00.10)4th in Monaco GP (1:58.36)ranked #6 in world (#3 U.S.) by T&FN best of 1:58.36.

1997: Did not compete; maternity.

1996: Won Olympic Trials (1:57.04 PR)7th in semi at Olympics (1:59.36)ranked #9 in world (#1 in U.S.) at 800m by T&FN bests of 1:57.04, plus 53.24 (400m) and 4:22.9 (1500m).

1995: Won USA Outdoors (2:00.07)5th in World Champs (1:58.20) won gold at Pan Am Games (1:59.44) 6th in GP Final (1:58.42)2nd (1st American) at USA Indoors (1:59.61 indoor PR) ranked #6 in world (#1 in U.S.) at 800m by T&FN bests of 1:58.20, 53.25also 1:25.91 for 600m.

1994: 3rd in USA Outdoors (2:00.65)5th in Goodwill Games (1:59.90)ranked #2 in U.S. at 800m by T&FN best of 1:59.90 and 53.48.

1993: 3rd in USA Indoors (2:03.67)4th in USA Outdoors (2:02.27)5th in World Champs (1:59.57, after PR 1:57.63 in semis)ranked #8 in world (#2 in U.S.) at 800m by T&FN bests of 1:57.63, 52.9also 4:25.60 for 1500m.

1992: 3rd in Olympic Trials 800m (1:59.18)3rd in 800m heats at Olympic Games (2:01.33)2nd (1st American) at USA Indoors 800m (2:01.86 indoor PR)ranked #2 in U.S. at 800m by T&FN bests of 1:59.18 and 53.56.

1991: Won USA Indoors 800m (2:03.07)6th in World Indoors (2:04.82)runner-up at USA Outdoors 800m (1:59.87)3rd in heats of World Champs (2:04.84)6th in GP Final 800m (2:02.35)ranked #1 in U.S. at 800m by T&FN. best of 1:59.30also 2:43.82 for 1000m.

1990: Won USA Outdoors 800m (2:00.70 PR), Olympic Festival 800m and NCAA Indoor 800m (2:02.77 MR) won fourth-straight Heps 400m, plus 800m3rd in 800m at NCAA Outdoorsranked #2 in U.S. at 800m by T&FN best of 1:59.73 and 51.56also 2:40.80 for 1000m.

1989: Won 800m at NCAA Outdoors(2:03.90) 3rd in 800m at USA Outdoors3rd in 400m heat at NCAA Indoor (54.64)won Heps 400m and 800m 3rd in Olympic Festival 800m8th in 800m at World University Gamesranked #6 in U.S. at 800m by T&FN bests of 2:02.67 and 52.76.

1988: 3rd in 400m heat at NCAA Indoor (54.59)won Heps 400m8th in 400m heats at NCAA Outdoors6th in 400m semi at USA Outdoors7th in 400m quarterfinals at Olympic Trials best of 53.04 in 400m.

1987: Best of 53.93 for 400mwon Heps 400m.